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Sport training using electric muscle stimulation: advantages of i-motion for its customers

Not every electrostimulation equipment is the same. In addition, not every sports professional applies this technique in the same way. Electric muscle stimulation is ideal for both sports, individual (track, motorcycling, javelin, swimming) and collectives (basketball, football, field hockey, volleyball, water polo). However, muscle electrostimulation finds no barriers of application, as it is perfectly proven to achieve good results in any sport. i-motion is the clearest example of the flexibility and adaptation that sports electrostimulation offers its customers.

In this post we want to share with you its advantages. Are you ready to discover them?

How i-motion interacts with its customers

Interactivity has become a common word since the growth of the use of the internet. Its manifestation between customers and companies is key to the success of any business, especially because it allows us to better respond to customer expectations and know their problems and needs. The information that companies need from them is not only demographic, but also emotional, knowing what they think, etc., which increases interest and makes a difference.

At i-motion, we know that the interactivity with our customers is key to improve the attention and the experience with our equipment. That’s why we offer remote assistance that allows our clients to immediately access the desktop and servers to control them from anywhere with a 3G internet connection or a better one. It is a device-independent and completely secure connection. Thanks to its accessibility, any tablet or smartphone can be your window to the workplace.

If a coach is in a session with the athletes and some critical unforeseen event occurs with the equipment, i-motion will act immediately and send a notification. However, it is unlikely to have any handicaps of these characteristics, especially since our electric muscle stimulator at is prepared to prevent them with its antivirus solution.

Out technical service is always available

i-motion EMS specialists are available to all coaches and physical trainers who are already clients, and therefore we prevent and solve any problems they may have. It is always advisable to have a reliable and timely service to not to discontinue the operational capacity that is based on the equipment.

Currently, our technical service is highly computerized and attends requests avoiding problems, increasing the life cycle of them. As a result, the profitability of your business can also increase. Thanks to our communication and constant attention with the user, i-motion promotes:

  • Speed. Quick responses to any abnormal solution that may occur with the electric muscle stimulation equipment, as well as any doubts.
  • Profitability. The physical presence of a technician is not required, which avoids travel costs.
  • Availability. Regardless of the geographical location where the coaches and physical trainers are working.
  • Efficiency. With this type of remote assistance services, i-motion manages to solve more than 90% of the incidents.
  • Real-time interaction. Constant customer learning, which often learns to solve some problems without having to contact i-motion again.
  • Satisfaction. Thanks to fast, accurate and efficient solutions.
  • Image improvement with users. Instant problem solving will give your customers a security and trust image.

Do you want to access new opportunities? And be a differentiated professional? Contact us and solve all your doubts.

EMS as a training method

Human interactions are increasingly necessary, especially in the technological age in which we are. In a world that moves away from humanity and is getting closer and closer to machinery, consumers value the communication and the attention that companies give them. From the point of view of physical preparation, more and more studies contrast the effectiveness of sports electrostimulation as a training method. And what better way to work it than under the security parameters offered by i-motion.

Sport has embraced this advanced technique as part of its working methods because of the advantages it brings to athletes. Let’s look at a quick example of its application: using muscle electrostimulation for knee extender muscles can be done while evaluating two essential aspects:

  • Maximum strength.
  • Height reached by the center of gravity in the vertical jump.

By applying the i-motion sequential impulses on this knee extender musculature, it is possible to improve the vertical jump. However, it is not enough to apply any training methodology, but it is advisable to study strengths and weaknesses.

Education: essential to work with i-motion

In i-motion we pay attention not only to the start-up of sports electrostimulation, but also to the effective education on it. We believe it is important to work with knowledge. Because of it, our methodology is based on the empowering of the knowledge and practical skills that a professional must have. With the knowledge of all the rigorous certification systems you will be able to obtain the parameters you need.

In short, the interactivity of i-motion with its clients is providing the attention that coaches and physical trainers require to ensure a safe and complete activity with athletes. From a collective sports point of view, studies show performance optimization in sports such as basketball or volleyball.

Would you like to bet on an optimized and controlled sport session? Do you want to improve the strength of your athletes? Are you willing to improve your strength in a localized way?

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