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Allenamento con elettrostimolatore muscolare: consigli per sportivi

Are you thinking about buying an electrostimulation equipment? You probably have doubts about how to choose the right electrostimulator. This short purchase guide will allow you to make the best choice based on your specific needs.

How to choose a step-by-step electrostimulator

Choose if you want to have an electro-stimulator for personal or professional use

Are you going to use your electrostimulator only in the family environment or just for you? Or are you looking for an electrostimulation equipment for professional use?

If you are looking for a equipment for your own use and do not have big demands because your idea is to use it sporadically, you can choose a more modest model. On the contrary, if you plan to make frequent and demanding use, you can opt for a professional electrostimulator.

However, a professional should under no circumstances opt for an electrostimulator for home use. You would not be providing your customers with the quality service they need. And I would not support the requirement in working hours of an electrostimulator designed for professional use.

Assess what use you want to give to your electrostimulator

There are different types of electrostimulators and not all are suitable for the same uses. For example, for a fitness use or training optimization you will need a equipment such as the electric muscle simulator, easy to put on and use even during exercise.

The design of an electrostimulator can make it more suitable for one type of use. Therefore, you must assess whether it will be for sport, health, aesthetic, pain treatment … And choose the most appropriate in each case.

Preconceived programs and software, keys for professional use

The number and type of preconceived programs of an electrostimulator is very important for its efficient use. Even without previous knowledge about it beyond its basic use, they will allow you to get the most out of your electrostimulation equipment. You can use it with different objectives.

If this is already important in an electrostimulator for personal use, you can get a clear idea of its relevance in a professional electrostimulation equipment. The fact of being able to choose the equipment adequately in each situation or for each specific case without having to make big assessments, will facilitate the daily work and the efficiency of its use.

An upgradeable software is the best option in the case of professional electrostimulators. When the designer company implements improvements or new preconceived programs you will find it very comfortable to improve your equipment. But the use of good software also influences other issues such as the speed of start-up after switching on or ease of use.

Take into account the number of channels that the electrostimulator has

What does this mean? The more channels a equipment has, the more muscles or muscle groups can work at the same time.

A 2-way or 4-way electro-stimulator may be sufficient for domestic and localized pain use. But it is clearly insufficient for a fitness use, optimization of training or beauty, among others, whether personal or professional. Unless you have all the time in the world to connect some muscles first and then others until you get the precise work you need for good results.

Therefore it is important that before making a decision you have in mind how many channels have the electrostimulators between which you are weighing your purchase. In this way you can determine which one best suits your current and future needs and preferences.

Power type of the electrostimulation equipment, another important point to assess

The power of the electrostimulator is also interesting. Even in the domestic area. Battery or rechargeable? Each one has some advantages and disadvantages that the user must value.

For example, you should keep in mind that for a demanding use, the use of a battery powered is not a very profitable option. But it is a good option if it is to use in this in different spaces, for example if you plan to take it on a trip usually, it is easier to take spare batteries or buy them at the destination than find a place to recharge.

The price, an important aspect to keep in mind

We do not live in an ideal world in which we can choose what we like the most, regardless of the price. At least, not most of the people and most of the time. Therefore, the price is an important point to take into account once all the previous points have been determined.

When it comes to an electrostimulator for professional use, you must assess its profitability for your business. It is not about choosing the cheapest price, the one with the lowest sales price, but about choosing the most profitable price for the functionalities that it allows.

In other words; value what services you can offer your customers and the price will receivable, as well as the business opportunities that an equipment allows you with greater functionalities or better features.  In this way you will be able to check which electro stimulator is more profitable for your business and, therefore, which is the most interesting for you.

Choosing the best electro-stimulator for you will be very easy considering these keys. Keep them in mind and you will make an accurate choice.


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