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Concetti fondamentali dell’elettrostimolazione nel campo dell’estetica

The use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics is growing. Thanks to the excellent results achieved in issues such as the fight against cellulite, users are aware of its effectiveness. The demand of the clients goes hand in hand with the knowledge on how electrostimulation can help them improve their aesthetics at different levels.

Why the professional is interested in electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

The first level aesthetic centers are surrendering to this technique. Not only because it is increasingly known and demanded by users. Also for the proven effectiveness of the results of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics.

– It allows to offer to its habitual clientele new and effective methods of work.

– It is capable of capturing new business opportunities and attracting new clients.

– It allows the fast profitability of professional electrostimulation equipment from that work while the professional can attend other clients.

– It facilitates the fidelity of the clientele that follows a treatment during a prolonged period of time obtaining clear positive results and thus achieving their satisfaction.

Main uses of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

Electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics effectively combats cellulite

Probably is the best known use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics: to elliminate cellulite. Both localized fat deposits and areas of flaccidity and fluid retention can be destroyed and promote their elimination with the appropriate use of electrostimulation.

Both soft and hard cellulite and edematous cellulite can be effectively controlled through electrostimulation.

The aesthetic electrostimulation ends with the corporal flaccidity

The flaccidity of fibers is, aesthetically, a problem for many people of all ages, whether women or men. Among the main problems of body flaccidity are the flabby arms and the problem known as bat wings, as well as the flaccidity in the abdomen or buttocks that can promote cellulite.

Without the need to resort to brachioplasty or arm lifting based on surgery, electrostimulation presents an equally effective alternative. In addition, it is easier to maintain over time, achieving toned fibers that prevent the return of the problem. Without surgery and in a comfortable and simple way for the user. And without the annoying side effects after going through the operating room or the days of hospitalization that are needed!

This use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics is in full expansion and has a growing demand on users throughout the year.

The improvement of blood circulation, one of the lesser known benefits of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

Poor blood circulation is not just a health problem. It is also aesthetically. The adequate professional use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics allows to solve this type of problems. Do you know how the best blood circulation influences aesthetics?

– Reduces swelling of legs, feet and ankles caused by poor blood circulation.

– Reduces the risk of appearance of unsightly spiders (venous networks).

– It improves the functioning of the metabolism avoiding the problems of overweight related to this problem.

– It improves the distribution of blood from the internal organs the muscles and skin, favoring its good condition and appearance.

The improvement of lymphatic circulation, key in the aesthetic use of electrostimulation

One of the most well-known functions of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics is its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system. In a comfortable way for the user and effective, electrostimulation provides an optimal lymphatic drainage. This has the double functionality of improving different parameters of health and aesthetics.

– Reduces edematous deposits. This translates into its ability to eliminate edematous cellulitis, among other achievements.

– Mobilizes molecules such as proteins for better muscle feeding. This favors the feeding of the fibers, necessary for a good muscular toning.

– Help to eliminate liquids, regulating the water balance and stimulating adequate renal function. At an aesthetic level, this results in a clear reduction in body volume in an effective and healthy way.

A toned body is a more aesthetic body

A toned body is an aesthetically more attractive body. Passively toning arms, legs, gluteus or abdomen, is possible thanks to the professional use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics.

There are different degrees of toning that according to the user’s preferences and needs can be worked with an electrostimulation equipment.

It is important to remember that when toning the fibers the body burns more calories even at rest than a body that is not very toned and with adipose deposits. This means that in the medium and long term, in addition, a well-toned body will be able to burn a greater number of calories even without doing anything.

The loss of body volume is possible through electrostimulation

Issues such as the removal of adipose tissue, the elimination of edema deposits or the elimination of fluids and the improvement of lymphatic function have a very important consequence on the body: the reduction of body volume.

That is, electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics promotes thinning. Comfortably, safely and healthily. Improving at the same time some important parameters related to health.

These keys of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics offer you a clear sample of the possibilities of this technology. Whether you are a professional or a user, take advantage of it!


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