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Types of business that can benefit from electrostimulation

The muscle electrostimulation or EMS, is the application of an electrical impulse on the muscle. It is a medical method used as rehabilitation of injuries, as pain treatment and as training to improve the performance of athletes.

Besides for athletes, it is a training to keep fit, to provide massages, to relieve the heaviness of the legs, to relieve lumbar or cervical pain. In a process of physical reeducation, it strengthens the abdominals or other parts of the body.

The novelty of specialized centers in this type of training is that electrostimulation is done in an integral way. That is, in different regions or muscle groups simultaneously.

The sessions must be directed by a physio-trainer, who ensures the constancy of the weekly exercise.

The preparer also regulates the intensity of the electrical impulses. He can use different intensity according to the needs of the user. That is, there are programs that make the electrostimulation done independently in each muscle group. Even if the user has discomfort in an area, it is possible not to apply electrostimulation in that area.

Users are provided with cotton garments, a shirt and pants sanitized as training clothes. On them, the pants and the electrostimulation vest are placed.

The electric current is generated by a device connected to the muscle electrostimulation suit and to which some electrodes are attached.

In addition, the electrostimulation exercise is accompanied by active exercise. That is to say, that different exercises or activities are carried out at the same time directed by a monitor or a personal trainer.

The coach does the programming of each session. Each session is personalized and lasts 20 or 25 minutes and is done once a week. Among its objectives are the following:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce fat
  • Toning
  • Rehabilitate
  • Hypertrophy
  • Relax

In short, it is a system to lose weight and eliminate fat.

These centers that offer electrostimulation training have made a niche in the market. They are aimed to an audience that has little time to do physical activity or that wants results immediately. It is also for users who normally play sports and want to go one step further in their workouts.

That is, this training welcomes users of different types, since its benefits are both physical and therapeutic.

Electrostimulation, a new franchise business

The muscle electrostimulation is in a boom moment. Its success is due to the fact that it has an audience with little time to exercise, as we said before, to the little effort that is necessary to train, and to the visibility of the results. That is, that business gives good results.

Due to all this, a considerable number of franchises are appearing in this sector. Users have an interest in this topic. But these centers are not gyms, but offer a different service:

  • Fitness
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Muscle toning
  • Massage

All in 20 or 25 minutes.

In these centers we do not find heavy dumbbells, or weight machines, or treadmills. However, we do find balls, elastic strips, elliptical bicycles or equipment or devices for muscle electrostimulation.

As we have said, these centers are multiplying, although the gyms also included them. One of the keys to their success is the ability to adapt training to different needs and audiences.

Gyms are adding to this fashion

Gyms have seen their dominant position in the sector threatened. So conventional sports centers also now offer muscle electrostimulation training. That is to say, that the gyms have been forced to adapt to the new times.

This type of electrostimulation training offers an individual service and a preparation plan to achieve the intended objectives.

For this, there are instructors, graduates in Physical Education, who guide the study of the physical state of each user towards some objectives. All this, with the combination of the latest technology of the 21st century and the sport of always.

Growth of centers offering electrostimulation

The growth since 2013 has been viral since about the middle of that year. Many centers have been open since then throughout Spain.

Of the total of companies, 50 percent are franchises, being the first ten the el 80 80 percent of the total centers, being these about 275 centers.

This type of more extended business requires a low investment, from € 12,000 to € 120,000, although in Spain, the average is € 41,295 (this is the average of the first 10 franchises).

The price of franchises plus its high profitability, makes entrepreneurs and investors consider this as a business model.

Other types of business besides franchises

Even distributors sell these types of muscle electrostimulation devices directly to personal trainers or beauty clinics.

Personal trainers take them to private homes or do the training in private studies as well. The latest models, however, allow this training outdoors, wireless or without connections thanks to the latest technology and because the devices depend on a battery that gives them a certain autonomy, so they do not need a connection to the electrical network. In addition, the suits or vests also have no connection but are handled by a wireless or Bluetooth system.

The opening number of new centers is increasing the supply of jobs in the sector. They demand:

  • Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
  • Graduates in Physiotherapy
  • Technicians in physical Activities and Sports Animation
  • Personal Trainers
  • Sports instructors

The type of activity or training offered, being a short-term training, without joint impact and with ambitious benefits and rapid achievement, may attract profiles of users who do not usually do physical activity, such as elderly, sedentary people or with little free time.

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