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How to use a muscle electrostimulator?

The use of a muscle electrostimulator is simple, but it has some particularities that it is essential to know before use. It is not enough to connect the electrodes. Depending on the type of objective that you have proposed, the electro-stimulator will have to be placed and programmed in a certain way. Even such a practical equipment needs to be programmed according to the main objective pursued with its use.

How to use a muscle electrostimulator easily

The use of an apparatus such as the i-Motion muscle electrostimulator in the form of a garment is much simpler than other low-level alternatives. Among other reasons, because it has more than 20 pre-established programs.

But, despite everything, it is necessary that you know the main steps and the factors that you must take into account to use it easily and effectively. In addition, you can always choose to do a customized program if you consider it the most appropriate for a specific case.

Value that the user can take advantage of the benefits of muscle electrostimulation

If you are wondering how to use a muscle electrostimulator for personal or third-party use, the first and most important step is to ensure that the user does not belong to the group of people for whom its use is not recommended. Pregnant women, people who have a pacemaker implanted, patients with psoriasis or epilepsy, for example.

Security is of utmost importance.

Clearly determine the objectives for which you resort to electrostimulation

Before starting each specific session with the muscle electrostimulator, determine what are the goals you want to achieve with it. The use of this device differs if you want to improve the tone of your muscles, favor the elimination of fluids or reduce muscle pain, among others.

Check its good condition and place the electrodes well

It is always interesting to check that the muscle electrostimulator is in good condition. Especially if it is a equipment for professional use, used by different people, since not all users will be equally careful.

It is essential that each electrode is placed on the area that you want to work through electrostimulation. The distance between electrodes is also important. You must bear in mind that when they are very close, their action is more centralized in a specific area. In contrast, when they are located further apart, they work a larger muscular area.

It is recommended that the skin is slightly moistened for a better adhesion of the electrodes. The use of a wet wipe can be a good way to do it although the best recommendation is the use of a suitable gel for it. In any case, it is always important that you know the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow them.

In the case of equipment with wireless electrostimulation such as the muscular electric muscle simulator this is much simpler. The practicality and convenience of use make it much easier.

Program the muscle electrostimulator

Does your muscle electrostimulator have preconceived programs? If so, check which is the most appropriate for the objectives you want to achieve with its use. In this way you can easily determine which specific program is the most appropriate for that electrostimulation session.

Do you want to use custom programming? No problem, you just have to adjust the parameters necessary to obtain the benefits you want to achieve through the use of the muscle electrostimulator. Parameters such as pulse frequency or intensity are important.

As long as it fits your needs and goals, it is advisable to use preconceived programs. The manufacturer has programmed them for their effectiveness and safety. The optimization of time and each type of impulse and frequency throughout the session are thus programmed for specific reasons and are not the result of chance.

Get ready to start the session with the muscle electrostimulator

If you are going to use fitness the muscle electrostimulator or a training optimization team, before you start the session, have the devices (dumbbells, weights, etc.) at hand or put on the equipment you will use during the session.

Is the goal of the session muscle relaxation or the work of a passive aesthetic electrostimulation session? Situate yourself in a comfortable and relaxing environment. It is important that your posture is adequate for the device to work properly in the area to be treated and you feel comfortable for the duration of the entire session.

After the session, take care of and save the electrical electrostimulator

Once the session for the use of the muscle electrostimulator is over, the equipment can be removed, electrodes or electrostimulation garment. Whether it is a team for personal or professional use, it is important that you take care of it and save following the manufacturer’s advice in this regard.

Set the date of the next session

The electric electrostimulator should not be used with the same frequency depending on the type of use: muscle development, reduction of muscle pain, aesthetics … It evaluates what frequency of use is indicated in each case and establishes the date of the next session.

As you can see, the way to use a muscle electrostimulator effectively and safely is very simple. Especially if it has preconceived programs for different types of use.

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