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How to adopt electric muscle electrostimulation for your athletes

Electric muscle electrostimulation workouts are increasingly gaining popularity while conventional exercises are becoming outdated. Not only anonymous people train with this technology, elite athletes also have joined this training method at some point in their careers. For example: Benzema, Guti, Arancha Sánchez Vicario, Mario Mola or Zidane.

Do you know how to implement this new technology in your EMS workouts? Continue reading this post and you’ll know how to do it.

Tips for making good use of the i-motion electrostimulator

The advices are always welcome. When training with electric muscle electrostimulation it is necessary to have some knowledge of how to use the equipment. Otherwise, it may cause problems or injuries to the person using it. i-motion offers a series of tips that we believe can help you choose the best electrostimulation equipment. Follow these tips to make use of it:

  • It is not recommended to be used in a humid environment. For security reasons. A dry environment is needed so that your health is not at risk. Therefore, don’t use the electrostimulator in places such as saunas, swimming pools or spas.
  • Choose in which muscle areas you will apply it. You need to know the muscles that you will exercise. The intensities vary depending on the area. You must take care of your health and your body. For this reason, it is advisable to calibrate the intensities corresponding to each muscle or group of muscles. If you want to receive more specific information about this issue, do not hesitate to ask our professionals.
  • High intensity when performing resistance, long-distance or strength training. As we said in the previous point, the intensities also vary depending on the type of training that is carried out. If your EMS training focus on resistance, long-distance or strength, it is advisable to use a high intensity.
  • Buy the right electrostimulator. The EMS i-motion equipment is the ideal choice. To use the electrostimulator well, you also need to acquire the one that best suits your needs. One of the aspects that you should check before you opt for any of them is the freedom of movement. For example, i-motion allows you complete freedom, so that it is totally comfortable and adaptable for your body. Why? Because it is essential, and every equipment should consider this fact.

Electric muscle electrostimulation is booming

Not only gyms or sports centers have electrostimulation equipment, but also personal trainers or physiotherapists. This new technology has its origins in rehabilitation sessions in which it was used to strengthen and recover muscles. In this way, the injuries were cured.

It is not recommended to exceed 20 minutes in each electrostimulation sessions, since it’s a technique that offers great results, even if the duration of training is relatively short. The work that is done in the sessions is intense and deep, in the 20 minutes a series of exercises are practiced that in a traditional training those exercises would be practiced in a longer time. There is not a specific age to use electrostimulation, but it is not advisable if you are less than 18 years old.

One aspect that needs to be very clear is that it is not a miraculous system. You should train properly to achieve your goals. Don’t think that just with its use you will achieve what you want, because you must play your part. It is simply a great complement that will help you to achieve your goals.

Reasons why electrostimulation is good for athletes

In many places you will read that electrostimulation is highly recommended and that more and more athletes use it in their workouts. But… what are the reasons they use muscle electrostimulation? Why is it so appropriate for them?

  • To gain muscle mass: Gaining muscle is very positive, since they are the ones that keep your body standing. Always, even if you are doing a cardio workout, your muscles are exercising.
  • To improve physical performance and endurance: The more endurance capacity a person has, the less tired this person will feel at the end of a workout. As well as they will do the workout in a better way.
  • To tone your body: The electrodes of this technology can improve lymphatic circulation, which makes your body more toned because it reduces water retention. Apart from this aspect, thanks to the exercises that are performed in the sessions, your muscles will be more defined.
  • To reduce the risk of injury: This issue is also important in elite athletes because they are in a state of continuous competition. The fact that a technology system helps them avoid injury is a matter they can benefit from.
  • To achieve a more pleasant feeling when training: More comfortable workouts are achieved, adapted to the qualities of each body. It also avoids muscle fatigue.

What are the elements of the EMS i-motion equipment?

The EMS i-motion equipment has two main elements: Bio-Jacket and Smart EMS Software.

Our electrostimulation suit is the most comfortable and efficient you will find on the market. When training, you will have a complete freedom of movement, in addition, it adapts to the body perfectly. It covers almost the entire body and it’s 100% Spanish manufacture. The material that has been used to develop the electrodes is rubber-carbon. The electrodes are very light and intended exclusively for an electrostimulation training.

  • Our Bio-Jacket provides both health and psychological improvements. By training with it and performing the appropriate exercises in your EMS training you will get: a healthier body, a greater bone mass that is linked to greater resistance, an improvement in the circulation both blood and lymphatic. In addition, you will also be in better mood and you will feel happier because you release endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone.
  • Our Smart EMS Software is constantly updated and improved. In less than two years, we have offered four different versions because our engineers are responsible for developing new utilities that adapt to the needs of users. So far, we have developed 20 different preset programs covering all the needs that users can demand and six configurable programs that users can use to create their EMS training sessions, whether for themselves or for others (in the case of being a personal trainer).

The fact that the EMS device at has a Smart EMS Software is one of the virtues of the company, since the rest of the equipment on the market does not have a similar system. Our system is simple, easy to use, as well as intuitive. It consists of a remote assistance system without requiring you to be training in a specific place, you can use it from any place in the world. It operates with the Windows 10 system and we have the Microsoft license.

Is your sports center ready to incorporate electrical muscle stimulation workouts into your services? Do you need help doing it? Our EMS equipment offers various advantages that will take your workouts and those of your clients to another level. If you want to experience it first-hand, request a free and personalized demo now. Don’t wait any longer and live the electrical impulses.

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