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Can I work one muscle group at a time with EMS Training?

The answer to this single question could only be “Yes”, and in this post we’re going to tell you how you can do it. Physical trainers are health professionals with specific knowledge in very different branches, from nutrition to psychology, and, of course, physical activity, among many other things.

The thing is that they are committed to teach and assist athletes in different sports, as well as to design adapted programs to the different stages of the development of the athletes.

Now that we have already talk a little about trainers, it is time to tell how you can decide which muscles to work in your customers’ physical training.

Are you one of them? Join us on this journey!

Can you work a specific muscle group at a time?

Yes, it is a goal that can be achieved with electrical stimulation. Although for many it remains a novel technique, it has a great history behind it. Thousands and thousands of years have passed to achieve the technological side of electro-stimulation in the sport field.

This technique has made possible for many trainers to offer a much more personalized and adapted training to the needs of their customers. You can also decide what muscles want to work and how, but don’t think that it is all about stimulating random muscles of your, it is about knowing how to do it.

The electrostimulation electrodes involve decisions suitable for every body and shape, and therefore before using an electrostimulation system it is important to have the necessary knowledge.

Do what you want, but do it with intensity!

What advantages trainers get from using electrostimulation with their customers?

There are many advantages on the electro-stimulation side that we can divide them in two: the ones that customers get and those that physical trainers obtain. In line with this, the most direct advantages are:

  • Attract new clients and build loyalty.
  • They offer a quality service with reliable results.
  • Customers feel well cared at all times.
  • They can serve multiple users at the same time.

Can you think of any other advantage? Would you like to be part of the muscle electrostimulation world?

Quality is not an act. It is a habit. – Aristotle

Something else to know about the muscles you work in electrostimulation

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is becoming a new technique for the whole society simply by solving the needs and problems that people have. It is about two parts meant to meet for one simple reason: electrical stimulation helps to improve the performance of athletes, covering a dual need in a muscular level.

I.e. with the anatomical knowledge, and through electrical stimulation, we can handle the anterior surfaces of the body and rear parts, for a technical exercise, working the agonist and antagonist muscle groups, and the primary and synergists muscles.

It is used to improve the athlete’s performance and, in this is case, it is useful for muscle activation in muscular pathologies, perfectly suitable for coaches, trainers and physical therapists.

For this reason, the relationship between this technique and these sport specialists is even closer. Electrical stimulation offers some advantages that physical trainers put at the service of athletes.

Have you ever imagined that an impulse could bring these many good things?

It is no coincidence that electrical stimulation has become a work methodology with great benefits. And even if there are hundreds of myths about its functioning, like being in shape from the conform of your sofa, the truth is that science has already proven that it is an effective technology in some areas such as sport, health and aesthetics.

So, in recent years functional training centers have proliferated both in Spain and in other countries, and this is because it works!

What else would like to know about electrostimulation?

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