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Does electrostimulation stimulate muscle hypertrophy?

Many people look to build muscle with hypertrophy with their EMS workout routines. Electrostimulation can help you to achieve it, but for this end, you must also perform the appropriate exercises. Nowadays, the relationship that is established between electrical muscle electrostimulation and hypertrophy is one of the many interesting demands within the sporting world. If you want to find out how they complement each other, join us.

What is hypertrophy? Two types:

Muscle hypertrophy is the increase in the size of muscle fibers, causing it to increase in size. This is desired in sports disciplines such as weightlifting and bodybuilding. Both disciplines emphasize the increase of muscle capacity, as they use strength and endurance. So, hypertrophy not only increases the size of muscle fibers, but also muscle strength and endurance.

But… what does it mean to achieve the desired muscle hypertrophy? The main consequence that is attached to this fiber increase is the need to raise the amount of protein consumed. Why? Because if you exercise your muscles and want to keep them in good shape, you need the necessary protein intake to get it. Proteins are essential so your muscles don’t reduce their volume and don’t lose muscle mass.

There is not a single type of muscle hypertrophy. There are two types: physiological muscular hypertrophy and pathological muscular hypertrophy. You can increase the first one with training, while the second is related to various diseases or to the use of supplements.

  • Physiological muscular hypertrophy: It consists of increasing the size of muscle fibers when performing appropriate exercises in EMS workouts, which are focused on the development of the muscles.
  • Pathological muscular hypertrophy: It consists of the same increase in fibers, but due to some diseases such as ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), Kocher syndrome or the use of products such as anabolics or steroids.

After reading the differences between the two, you will have found that the one that carries health risks is the second. So, don’t be afraid to develop the size of your muscle fibers, but do so through recommended exercises, don’t put your health at risk.

How to achieve muscle hypertrophy with the EMS i-motion equipment

The excellent electric muscle stimulator at will help you achieve your goals. It consists of several products, including the Smart EMS Software and the Bio-Jacket. I-motion also offers various services such as a training course, after-sales services or marketing assistance. All of them provide you with a basic knowledge of the use of the equipment, as well as it helps you to exploit its capabilities.

The i-motion equipment is the best you will find on the market and the most suitable for the needs you demand. Why? Because in their development process, engineers focus, among other aspects, on making it useful for any type of need that the user requires.

Its Bluetooth wireless technology Class 1 allows you to use it up to 100 meters away and with an unbreakable security and communication system. In addition, the EMS equipment has the corresponding international approval. This fact shows that we offer safe products and services. Direct to meet your needs and solve your problems.

As we have noted, the equipment is composed of elements such as the Bio-Jacket that stands out for its comfortability and adaptability to the body, which gives users complete mobility when they perform the exercises of the training. Another strength of the equipment is that thanks to the innovative development of the Smart EMS Software, group and multigroup trainings can be carried out. This is a very positive function, especially if you are a personal trainer. In addition, it is innovative because no other muscle electrostimulation equipment contains a software that allows the practice of both types of workouts.

However, the i-motion software doesn’t just have that function and strength. Some of its features are:

  • Ease of use: It is a very easy to use system. It has no complications which is very positive for users. Especially for those who are not very adapted to new technologies.
  • Intuitive intelligence: It consists of the ability to develop difficult tasks and solve problems quickly, efficiently and unconsciously.
  • Remote assistance from anywhere in the world: This feature is essential to your success as it allows you to train wherever you want without limitations.
  • Constant development: Updates and improvements occur continuously. The staff in charge of this is always in researching to find new progress. That’s why we’ve offered four different versions in two years.
  • Automatic ability to readjust exercises: Being a smart system, one of the functions that it has and that, above all, personal trainers can benefit from is the automatic readjustment of the exercise programs. A very innovative aspect that other electrical muscle electrostimulation software doesn’t have.
  • Windows 10 operating system: It consists of the latest operating system. In addition, i-motion has obtained the applicable Microsoft license for its use.

Tips to prevent harmful muscle hypertrophy

Even if you want to increase the size of your muscle fibers, you shouldn’t put your health at risk. Therefore, we will share with you some tips in order that you do not develop harmful muscle hypertrophy. Those tips are:

  • Sleep the necessary hours: It is recommended to sleep about eight hours a day for the body to rest properly. We should not disturb sleep hours because some symptoms such as tiredness may appear. To sleep the necessary hours is beneficial for every part of our, therefore, also for the muscles.
  • Take care of your diet: To live a healthy life, apart from playing sports or exercise your body, you need to eat a balanced diet. Your diet must respect the caloric inputs your body needs. In this way you will get the right physical condition and your health will not be affected. At the same time, carrying out a correct diet will help you achieve your sporting goals.
  • Do not ingest unnecessary supplements that delay the process or harm your health: You can consume acceptable protein supplements, but other substances that may harm your health are not recommended. Why? Because with exercise and perseverance you can achieve your goals, without the need to ingest other harmful products.
  • Perform appropriate training sessions, without overloading the muscles: The only thing you will get if you overload and expose your body to exaggerated efforts is injuries. Practice the exercises correctly and don’t put your fitness at risk. Not because you train with more weight, you’ll get your goals sooner. What matters is the technique, how you perform the exercises with the weight that suits your body.

Do you use muscle electrostimulation? Do you want to increase the size of your muscle fibers? Both things can be achieved. If you’re curious to try the i-motion EMS equipment, request a demo. I’m sure you’ll be convinced of all the advantages it has and can benefit from.

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