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What does electrostimulation entail?

Although at first glance it may seem like a utopian goal, many athletes are already getting it thanks to the advanced techniques used by their trainers. Today, i-motion is the only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant feeling while subjecting your muscles to an intense and deep work. Do you know why? Because it is also the only computer with Smart EMS Software. In this post, we are going to share with you the bases of it and how it participates in electrostimulation training sessions with elite athletes.

Can you imagine everything you can achieve with it?

A little history of electrostimulation

Before we dive into muscle electrostimulation and smart software, we want to make a quick review of its history. We are facing the pioneering team of smart technology in a sector that was born centuries ago. And although its way of using it has changed significantly since its finding in Egypt, its essence remains the same. Their advantages have changed, and their functionalities have been improved. The sectors in which it applies have been expanded, and who knows whether it can begin to be applied to others in the future.

In the 18th century, Galvany already showed that passing the electric current through the spinal cord of a frog muscle contractions were obtained. This discovery drove the change that human beings have been perfecting over the years. That genius of nerve currents marked the beginning of numerous studies on neurology and neurophysiology.

For ever and ever.

When’s your next workout? Make it comfortable

Following that discovery, many professionals have been creating their own electrostimulation equipment to apply it in the sports, aesthetics and physiotherapy sector. The brain is no longer the only one to produce electrical impulses, although in i-motion we prefer to call them sequential when it comes to EMS.

If there is one thing athletes want to do is overcome their challenges, improving their capabilities and results, which involves: improving strength and endurance, increasing flexibility and coordination, developing speed and keeping in shape.

The conventional training that personal trainers had been carrying out was based on a personalized and structured methodology in nutrition, follow-up, physical assessment, physical tests and the application of exercises that fit with the results obtained: bending the knees, abs, tapping, etc. And although these bases are still maintained, electrostimulation is increasingly being included within the training structures. In traditional methods, the level of tiredness increases, and the athlete needs more recovery and dedication to get the results they want.

Electrostimulation is changing the working methodology because it allows faster results, reduce time and allows the athlete to have an active recovery after a great effort. We are talking about an intense and deep electrostimulation training that does not forget to be comfortable. In this sense, i-motion is the only equipment that automatically recalibrates programs within a training protocol and can self-adjust the impulse intensity in each muscle group intelligently. Both coach and athlete get great advantages.

Benefits of i-motion electrostimulation training: the two sides of the coin

Fort the trainer:

  • It achieves simultaneous work of more than 300 muscles, subjecting them to great stresses in short periods of time.
  • Thanks to the achievement of visible results from the first sessions, the level of satisfaction of the athlete increases, who can advise other teammates and make their coach become a reference.
  • A trainer that has the latest advances in the market, as the wireless EMS of i-motion, can became a world leader. In addition, it is always in continuous innovation and improvement.
  • You can freely set the training parameters. For example: the ramp type, pulse width, or the frequency emitted.
  • Gain competitive advantages over other electrostimulation equipment: multimuscular system, independent workouts that prevent any user from going behind the others in the same training session, you can control the sessions that each one has left, etc. Also, by having the EMS Technical Certificate, i-motion provides coaches with skills, competencies, tools and a unique methodology. They will be endorsed as differentiated professionals thanks to these characteristics.
  • You can save each user’s training in the cloud to keep it available whenever you need it and avoid any kind of incident.
  • It is an equipment that has a 5-year warranty.


Fort the athlete:

  • Get visible results from the first sessions.
  • Quality and innovative training with a unique equipment in the market.
  • You can get the same or even better results than other athletes in less time and with faster recovery.
  • You can decide which muscles you want to work and how to do it with the help of your coach.
  • High strength and intensity training programs can be selected.
  • It is a computer that perfectly fit to your body and that works with medical electrodes.
  • It has 20 programs with which you can work different things: strength, weight loss, toning and resistance, to recovery or for rehabilitation.
  • It fits perfectly to your needs. If you are a cyclist, ideally your trainer will start with aerobic programs. If you are an athlete who runs large distances, then it is advisable to look for the right programming to increase the capillary network to increase your endurance.
  • Train with the i-motion biojacket, the most comfortable and efficient suit on the market. It has been manufactured entirely in Spain and guarantees perfect mobility, in addition to covering most of the body and allowing access of EMS currents to more than half of our 650 muscles.

Are you ready to train with the latest EMS technology? Discover the professional electric muscle stimulator at i-motion.

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