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Cycling training with muscle electrostimulation

The history of cycling has been written for many years. It has been practiced by great athletes such as Miguel Indurain, Alberto Contador or Alejandro Valverde. It can be practiced professionally or in a popular way, individually or in groups, on the road or in the city. If you combine this great sport with muscle electrostimulation, the benefits you get in your body can be multiplied. Are you a cyclist and want to try it? We provide you with the information you need so you know how to choose the electrostimulator that best suits you.

Benefits of cycling

Practicing any type of sport is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Cycling has its own benefits and if you have never practiced this sport, we encourage you to do so. It hooks you as soon as you get on the bicycle saddle. Do you want to know what they are?

  • Strength your heart: Exercising your heart stimulates and improves its condition. Not only the heart, but also the circulation and lung capacity. This reduces the chances of a cardiovascular disease.
  • Improve blood circulation: It is an intense sport and, as a result, you will need a good blood circulation in the parts of your body that work the most.
  • Help you lose weight: This is good for people who want to lose fat. Just like it’s ideal to maintain your weight or reduce it and maintain a physical condition according to what you want. Your metabolic rate increases, you can grow muscles that you didn’t think you had, and you also burn body fat.
  • Increase muscle mass and tone your muscles: The moment you start your training session, your muscles activate. Above all, the buttocks, quadriceps and calves, since the lower body is what we mobilize the most when we are cycling. This does not mean that other areas of the body such as the abdominal, lumbar, pectoral or back and shoulders do not exercise, they also are involved since it exercises the whole body. Through a training panel you can work the areas you want to improve. In addition to adding it as a periodizing element in the discipline.

I-motion: your perfect electrostimulator

Our EMS devide at is unique. Many gyms, sports centers, sports organizations, personal trainers and athletes use it in their EMS training sessions.

I-motion has the Bio-Jacket, the Smart EMS Software, the EMS Sequential Impulses, the Wireless Connection Module (WCM). A computation of elements that make our EMS equipment position itself as the best on the market.

All the devices that make up our equipment have been developed with the latest technology. In addition, our engineers are immersed in constant innovation to offer the best products as well as services to users.

I-motion also offers advice for the implementation of our equipment in case you are a user who wants to use it to train others. Some of the services we offer are:

  • A training course: We offer you a personalized training course to make good use of the equipment both in you (if you are the user) and others (if you are a personal trainer). Among the topics we teach in the course is the appropriate way to solve those most common problems that may occur while maintaining the EMS equipment. What do you get with the tips we teach you in the course? Don’t waste time or money. In addition, an audiovisual guide with various trainings is also added. What’s different about those workouts? The goal you want to achieve. It depends on the goals you have set yourself, there are some exercises or others.
  • Innovative technology: the products and services that i-motion has are unique and different. It uses the latest technology, works every day to improve services and products and get news that keep the equipment up to date. New versions that are better suited to users’ needs, leading to greater trust with the company and a closer relationship between both. The reality is that i-motion has developed four different versions in less than two years.
  • After-sales service: After purchasing the equipment, we will be there to help you if something happens with the equipment. We give you every guarantee that we will do everything in our power to solve any inconveniences there may be. Most of the time the user can solve it thanks to the training course we teach. If any impediments occur due to any defective material, that material would be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Technical support: I-motion offers personal assistance for any questions that may arise while using the equipment. If at any time, you get any anomalous notes that have to do with the equipment, we remain at your disposal for any assistance and additional information.
  • Assistance for a marketing strategy: I-motion provides you the necessary material to carry out a marketing strategy both online and offline. This assistance includes any corporate material such as brochures, manuals or dossiers from the EMS equipment.

What are the advantages of the EMS Bluetooth wireless technology in cycling?

The Wireless EMS training equipment has multiple advantages that conventional equipment does not have. What is the most important advantage of our EMS Bluetooth? It allows you to do your EMS training sessions in both an outdoor and a close space. So, if you like to train in a park, you can do it, just like if you prefer to train in a gym.

One aspect to note is that it is not the same to have a Bluetooth connection as a Wi-Fi connection, since both connections are commonly confused. I-motion offers a bluetooth system, allowing you to practice your workout exercises more fully. To which we add, as we have already mentioned, that no matter the space in which the training takes place, because there is no Wi-Fi distance limitation.

In addition, the wireless technology used by i-motion has more advantages, for example, the possibility of group and multigroup training. This fact benefits personal trainers. Do you know why? Because, among other reasons, they can offer a higher quality in their training sessions. Do not forget that the goal of a personal trainer is that your client achieves the objectives that have been set and that, to do so, he/she performs a good training. But what are other advantages?

  • There is no maximum number of clients who can perform group and multigroup workouts.
  • There is a total freedom of movement.
  • The exercises of the sessions can be combined with machines.

Are you a cyclist and want to try the i-motion EMS equipment? Request a demo or contact us. We will be pleased to inform you. Do you want to discover all the advantages that exist when training with our equipment?

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