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Characteristics and benefits of the electrostimulation jacket

Gyms are one of the most technologically developed businesses. They adapt faster to new technologies than other sectors, a fundamental aspect in their evolution and growth. The implementation of EMS equipment to develop EMS workouts is essential in this adaptation, since training with electric muscle stimulation have great benefits for both users and personal trainers.

Digital transformation in the fitness industry

New technologies become the great allies of entrepreneurs, users and personal trainers. Sports facilities are being modernized and they are undergoing a necessary digital transformation. In the sports industry, particularly fitness, digital transformation is a great complement to offer more up-to-date products or services. It includes electrostimulation and electrofitness, both are key to performing EMS workouts.

Within the sporting field, digital transformation facilitates training sessions, but also the work management in sports centers. Not only electrostimulation, but document digitization is also critical to business tasks. Some of the advantages of implementing new technologies in fitness facilities are:

  • Possibility to approach a younger target: Millennials require innovative technologies, as they are more digitized due to the time in which they were born. If your company develops a major digital transformation and implements new technologies such as electrostimulation, the chances of younger users coming to your gym increase.
  • Possibility to book or request training sessions online: The fact that users can request sessions to train or that they can book them through an Internet connection favors its management. Your fitness facility will have a more advanced, fast and simple support. If you have a gym, you should know that online booking is becoming important. The fact that you have to go to the place to book a product or service has been left behind, because now a smartphone, tablet or computer allows you to perform any action from any location.

Both advantages lead to an increase in clients or users. After all, if a company does not attract customers and generate loyalty, it does not grow, and it does not develop an adequate evolution. New technologies are an essential tool to get more customers, you just need to know which ones to use to achieve it.

Electric muscle stimulation: one of the new technologies

This type of training is positioned as a revolution and a promising business model, but what are its benefits?

  • Improves the physical condition: Your fitness improves quickly; in a few sessions you start to notice the changes.
  • Contributes to weight loss: There are times when users don’t want to lose weight, just improve their fitness. Instead, others want to weight loss. Electric muscle stimulation is a great complement to achieve this, always accompanied by a balanced diet and the corresponding exercise.
  • Increase your muscle mass and strength: The increase in muscle mass includes the improvement in body toning. Both occur in different areas of the body and in a few sessions, you already notice a big difference. Toning is usually focused on buttocks, legs and abdomen, these three body areas are the ones that experience the most changes.
  • Muscle recovery: With electrostimulation you can recover, as well as relax your muscles thanks to the segregation of endorphins. These substances are generated and when they are expelled you will relieve pain and combat stress.
  • Lymphatic drainage: After having used muscle electrostimulation for a while, it produces an lymphatic drainage effect. EMS helps reduce and drain away fluids. Lymphatic drainage is also a complement that facilitates weight loss, because, although it may seem abnormal, fluid retention also results in an increase in the weight of the user.
  • Reduces back pain: Poor posture causes huge pains in the body and one of the most affected areas is usually the back. Using electrostimulation can reduce those back pains, which improves your physical as well as psychological health.
  • Increases lung capacity: An EMS training oxygenates both the muscles and the blood, leading to an increase in lung capacity and therefore, you can get a better and higher physical performance.

Muscle electrostimulation with does not target a specific kind of person, but there are some contraindications you need to know to decide whether to do use EMS or not. Therefore, electric muscle stimulation is not advisable for people:

  • With epilepsy
  • Pregnant
  • With dermatological problems such as psoriasis
  • Carrying electronic devices such as pacemakers
  • With cardiorespiratory problems
  • With cancer or people who have had it

However, if you find yourself in any of these cases, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, the diagnosis and opinion he/she provide will be in the best interest for your physical health.

New technologies: a method to attract customers

As we have mentioned, one of the most efficient ways to attract users, convert them and retain them as customers is the implementation of innovative technologies. These new technologies include, but are not limited to, muscle electrostimulation, document digitization or mobile applications. Entrepreneurs should be aware of this and many already offer EMS services as well as EMS equipment in user training sessions. The sports industry is immense and, therefore, you must differentiate yourself from other businesses. I-motion is a company that offers an innovative EMS equipment and among the things they have develop we highlight the Smart EMS Software, the Wireless Connection Module (MCI) and the Bio-Jacket.

Are you the owner of a gym, sports center or fitness facility? Adapt it to new technologies and you’ll discover all the benefits they provide. If you want to try an EMS equipment, request a demo, we will be happy to assist you.

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