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Do you want to be a competent coach? What are you doing to achieve that goal? There are many utopian dreams that cross the path of imagination to reality when they decide to do everything they can to achieve them.

Muscle electrostimulation has become the perfect ally of renowned artists and athletes. Personal trainers and physical trainers have joined muscle electrostimulation to achieve not only their goals, but also the ones of those who train with them.

We have names that you all will probably recognize right away: Fernando Alonso, Paula Echevarría, Usain Bolt or Arancha Sánchez Vicario are 4 famous examples that have already joined the use of this advanced technique. Have you given your users the opportunity to join electrostimulation? Stay and read what we have for you today.

Electrostimulation with i-motion: a unique opportunity for coaches and trainers

If muscle electrostimulation is already a golden opportunity for the sports world, i-motion is even more so.

We’ve learned that opportunities fly at the speed of light, and not having such an equipment, leaves personal trainers at a clear disadvantage with respect to competition. The opportunities that coaches and trainers are missing are:

  1. Growth. Not only personal, but also professional. Elite athletes are looking to improve their results with up-to-date experts, so they’re not going to get in anyone’s hands. They need confidence, visible results in a short time and a workout that advances at the same time as technology and trends.
  2. Instantaneity. Users increasingly value effective technical services with remote assistance, ensuring the response to a problem at any time. i-motion specialists are always available to their clients in order to prevent or solve any doubts or problems that may arise with the equipment. Give your electrostimulators a long life.
  3. Guarantees certification as an EMS professional. In this way, you can be a coach endorsed as a differentiated professional thanks to all the skills, competencies, tools and methodologies that you will acquire throughout the training. In i-motion we are clear that there are two fundamental pillars that you cannot live without: knowledge and practice. Not only your knowledge matter, but also your practical skills.
  4. You never lose control over the user. It achieves this thanks to its advanced internationally approved Class 1 Bluetooth wireless technology: 100 meters radius range and anti-break communication security system.
  5. Design adapted to any body shape. Ergonomic and functional. It is an equipment that allows the simultaneous work of muscle groups, subjecting them to strong tensions in short periods of time and obtaining results much faster than with a traditional method. It provides total freedom of movement for group and multigroup trainings with no limit of participants. It is the most efficient and comfortable suit on the market right now.
  6. It has a central unit, the vest where the electrodes are placed (Bio-Jacket) and the Wireless Connection Module (WCM) to carry out the training without any cable. With the help of i-motion electrostimulation.

Thanks to the help of muscle electrostimulation with imotion to athletes, users can achieve great results in a short time. The technology is available to coaches and physical trainers. It’s time for competitive sports training… YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED!

Are your users in optimal condition for their EMS training?


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