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3 ways to improve your body image

What is the first thing you do when you want to improve your image? Do you go to the gym? Do you go to the nearest beautician?

Whether you do it or not, sport surely is one of the first things that come to your mind. No less should be expected, considering the amount of benefits it brings to our health and well-being. Even if you don’t believe it, sport and aesthetics professionals share some goals, so that they also agree on the use of certain techniques, and today we’re going to talk about one of them.

It lives under the name of electro-stimulation, and it is one of the most used methods in the field of fitness and aesthetics.

3 ways to improve your body image

In these times, technology has become a perfect partner for most of the things we want to do in our lives. You probably already knew it, but have you ever imagined that they could even help to improve our self-image? So, we want to talk about electrostimulation and two other supplementary things that works very well for us:

  1. ELECTROSTIMULTATION. Its sequential impulse obtained similar results that the ones that could be obtained by exercising the muscles, but much more quickly and conveniently. Its possibilities are so broad that this technique has already spread around the world by different professional sectors.
  2. NUTRITION. The mental representation that each of us has on our own body makes up our self-image, a field that walks together with food and sport. It is important to take care of our diet and adapt it to the level of exercise that we practice. You’ll see how the positive results come up rapidly.
  3. MOTIVATION. The mood is essential for anything to do in our lives, even more when you are trying to overcome a challenge. Motivation keeps us active and implies having faith in the steps that we take, in the goals we have to reach an ultimate goal. Yours, in this case, is to improve your self-image.

What do you need to incorporate electrical stimulation to your lifestyle habits? How are you working your muscles? Do you need a dose of motivation? And what about your diet? Tell us your thoughts, i-motion will be happy to hear from you.

Why electrical stimulation, nutrition, and motivation are essential?

You will never meet a real athlete who works without motivation. It is not possible to put all your efforts if on the other side of the tunnel there is no a goal that really motivates us.

In the field of aesthetics it happens exactly the same, and we have at your disposal a very wide equipment to cover each and every one of the customers’ needs.

Society is more and more demanding with the care of the personal image, and that is why we pay attention to food and the latest trends in aesthetics. Electrostimulation has an important place in the most effective and revolutionary techniques of the time.

Estheticians are committed to these EMS machines from Imotion to offer slimming treatments from areas with excess fat, increase muscle tone, correct sagging skin, raise the buttocks, and eliminate cellulite, among other things. Electrical stimulation is not magic, but it is based on a reality that needs to be accompanied by physical exercise.

Think that you can get it and you will have walked half of the journey!

Aesthetic equipment is very broad

Electro-stimulation equipments are part of the huge cosmetic health equipment in our centers. They are tools designed to carry out wireless training directly on muscles. Aesthetic objectives are very broad, but all are looking at the improvement of the physical appearance, health and well-being.

Traditionally, when you went to an aesthetic center usually you could find multifunction equipment for different treatments, facial equipment, tools for other parts of your body, manicure and pedicure…, etc. They are still present, but now they are under one roof: electrostimulation. Thanks to their features, the beauticians could even replace some of their devices (press therapy, ultrasound, radio frequency) by a single multifunction device, saving space and money.

Believe in yourself. You can always improve!

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