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i-motion EMS will attend the Rimini Wellness to show its equipment to sport and business professionals

The i-motion EMS team will attend the Rimini Wellness, the Italy’s biggest gathering devoted to fitness, well-being, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating and one of the most important events in Europe. It will be held in the Expo Centre & Riviera di Rimini (Italy) May 30 to June 2 from 9:30 to 19:00. I-motion EMS will be at Padiglione B3 Stand 2, sharing its equipment and experience with professionals in the sector.

The 14th edition of the event promises a few days full of innovation, technology, and business relationships between experts in the fitness industry. In this scenario, i-motion may show the added value of its technology: Smart EMS Software, trainers, buyers, gyms, business associations, and anyone who wants to feel the EMS sequential impulses.

The Italian fair is divided into 6 different sections: Pro. Fit., for professional and major international companies; WFUN, for a participatory public; FoodWell, with healthy nutrition for displaced persons; RiminiSteel, with martial arts and combat sports, among others; Riabilitec, with technological innovations on rehabilitation and motor re-education; and Pilates Junction, to the most leading pilates companies.

The Smart EMS software is an effective alternative not only in matters of sport, but also on rehabilitation. It is a true technological innovation that serves as ‘analgesic’ to minimize and relieve pain in the case of an injury, and it can be applied in a particular area or at a general level in large areas of the body, depending on the type of injury. The electric muscle stimulator from avoids more severe damage and shortens the recovery time, strengthening muscles and increasing strength.

Therefore, electro-stimulation techniques, accompanied by physical exercise and a healthy diet, are a unique opportunity to get a physical well-being in fitness and wellness. With this technology it is now possible to optimize athletic performance and accelerate our results.

Active recovery, sequential impulses and the ideal training for professional sports are three of the great advantages that i-motion brings. So… stop by our booth and meet us!

How will Rimini Wellness surprise us this year?

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