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6 myths about Electro-stimulation

There are many half-truths and myths about electrostimulation with regard to issues such as its benefits, indications, contraindications and others. The general ignorance about this field is broad. We will know the main myths about Electro-stimulation and if they are true or lie to clarify the most frequent doubts.

Myths about Electro-stimulation: true or false?

1. Does Electro-stimulation allow you to lose weight without doing anything else?

One of the main myths about Electro-stimulation is that it is an effective way to lose weight without doing anything else. The truth is that it does help you lose weight, but not exactly without doing anything else. Electro-stimulation is one of the best helps you can have to contribute you achieve your weight loss goals .

Electro-stimulation allows you to burn calories, reduce the volume of fat and helps you improve the tone of your muscles. A toned body with muscle burns more fat at rest, and that is a great advantage that you should take advantage of if your goal is to lose weight. But it is not interesting or intelligent to try to do it without moving and without taking care of your diet.

Did you know that Electro-stimulation helps you to eliminate excess fluid from the body used as an effective lymphatic drainage massage? This also contributes to a healthy and effective weight loss.

For a healthy body and lasting results, the ideal is to combine the time of Electro-stimulation with physical exercise and a healthy diet. The use of electro-stimulation will allow you to obtain faster results and help you improve them over time. In addition, it helps your body look less flaccid and more toned, improving its appearance.

2. “It’s the way to get fit for lazy”, another of the false myths of Electro-stimulation

No, Electro-stimulation is not the way to get fit and have a muscular, toned and attractive body designed for lazy and lazy. Nothing is further from reality. Electrofitness is a more effective way to optimize your time dedicated to muscle building and toning. It helps you to work different types of muscles. And it allows you to burn a large amount of calories in a considerably shorter time than you would take it through a physical fitness session to use.

Your muscles work the same. That is, you will sweat, because your body notices the work that Electro-stimulation exercises on your muscles. And you will have stiffness because these muscles really work. Even if you do not think so, be clear that you will get tired because you are really working your muscles, although not as much as if you had done it in the traditional way.

What is certain is that it is a very effective way to improve your physical shape, gain muscle mass and tone it in a short time. In fact, to get the results of an Electro-stimulation session of approximately 20 minutes, you would have to do between 2 and 4 hours of gym work. If the time you can devote to physical exercise is little, undoubtedly Electro-stimulation is the solution you need to maintain or improve your fitness by dedicating a few minutes a week to it.

3. It is effective against cellulite, right!

It is true that Electro-stimulation is an effective solution against cellulite. Mainly, because it eliminates the toxins and metabolic waste that accumulate in the first layers under the skin. As Electro-stimulation also removes adipose tissue and tones the muscles of the area, the flaccidity is lost and the cellulitis disappears. In addition, it helps to improve the tone, firmness and hardness of the area.

4. It allows to work the muscles that you want

So is! In fact, for many professional athletes the fact of being able to work the muscles they really need in a highly effective and optimized way is the main reason for the use of EMS training.

Why is this an advantage? For many reasons. Mainly, because it allows to work the muscles that each person really needs for their specific objectives.

And, secondly but not least important, because it allows you to continue training even in case of injury. Simply by avoiding working on the muscle or group of injured muscles. In this way, the complete physical form is not lost during the recovery time of the injury. In fact, this is one of the most common uses among both professional and amateur athletes, as they can maintain their muscle mass and shape while recovering from an injury.

5. It is not advisable for everyone

It is true that there are some very specific cases in which the use of EMS is not recommended, as is the case of those who suffer from epilepsy, thrombophlebitis or have a pacemaker implanted. However, any healthy person can take advantage of the benefits of Electro-stimulation.

6. Avoid fluid retention, yes or no?

By electrostimulation you can eliminate the liquids retained by the body. It does not act on your internal organs to avoid retention, but it does efficiently lymphatic drainage to expel those liquids retained in your body.

As you can see, the world of Electro-stimulation is full of myths, some are false and others are not. Surely now it is clear to you what EMS is and is not. Go ahead and check it!

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