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Can I work multiple muscle groups simultaneously?

Physical preparation with electrostimulation is an essential technique for many physical trainers and it allows to organize the workout in different ways. Working randomly and irregularly, without following any kind of rhythm, will not allow you to get the results you need. It will always be best to follow a professional schedule that considers personal factors (physical condition, objectives, availability).

That said, how can you organize your training with i-motion? In this post, we want to share with you some ways in which you can train with electric muscle stimulation.

How to organize your training plan with EMS

If you have the possibility to train different groups, we encourage you to do so at the same time. With the most advanced electrostimulation you will not have any problems to develop your work effectively and without harming the attention to users. Here are some training plans:

  1. By muscle groups: agonist – antagonist. There are no limits when working some muscles or others. With electrostimulation it is possible to work groups of muscles at the same time depending on their same nerve root, their proximity, their belonging to the circulatory branch, etc. In addition, both agonist groups and antagonists can be combined (biceps and triceps at the same time, for example). However, the selection of groups should be carried out by the sport professional or physiotherapy, where it is common to use it for intense and prolonged rehabilitation.
  2. Intensive, on muscle groups where different types of fiber are worked successively. At first glance, it may seem like a more complex type of training than usual, but with the help of a good equipment it can be achieved in a simple way. The EMS training sessions allows us to adjust the programs to the specific characteristics of the users, being able to make a very intensive effort on a muscle group in which we are especially interested in developing maximum efficiency. In this way, we can work the speed, another day the resistance in quadriceps, another the strength, etc.
  3. Selection of muscle groups by body areas. It is one of the most used methods in training and the most important thing of this type of work is to establish a training plan, follow it and gradually achieve results. This monitoring will allow us to make the appropriate modifications on the athletes’ workouts. Muscles can be worked in a much more delimited way, for example: abdominals, pecs, shoulders; quadriceps, biceps, calves; back, biceps, abs; etc. This type of training is used in both passive and active gymnastics and the risk of injury is minimal.

With the physical preparation, it is common to select muscle groups to achieve effective exercise routines. If you add to all this the presence of a powerful electrostimulation equipment that makes possible the treatment of the agonist and antagonist muscles, you will see how the contractions are perfectly compensated.

This type of training reduces the risk of injury because every day we focus on a different type of fiber.

Electric muscle stimulation with i-motion EMS

Electrostimulation with is very effective for all types of workouts. We have seen great results in increasing muscle mass, in abs, buttocks, etc.

With i-motion EMS it is easy, because it allows to act on muscle groups that traditional training cannot develop. This effectiveness has a lot to do with the type of intensity that is applied, and it is increasingly common to see these kinds of techniques in fitness centers. Personal trainers use it as a powerful tool to isolate muscle groups. Depending on the needs of each user, one program or another will be applied. For example: to decrease the percentage of fat, it is ideal to apply cardiorespiratory training programs.

With i-motion, the muscle tone improves faster, you can achieve hypertrophy, the explosive strength increases, you can recover from an injury easier, regenerate tissue and oxygenate it. It is also excellent for therapies, pain relief (back and neck pain, etc.), increases local resistance, earns time to dedicate it to technique, etc.

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Other advantages athletes can get from i-motion

With i-motion, not only the effectiveness of the training can increase, but you can also work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, multiply the caloric expenditure, eliminate cellulite, burn fats quickly, relieve back pains, improve coordination, strengthen muscles, enhance the buttocks, tone the shoulders and legs, harden the triceps, strengthen the abdomen, etc.

From i-motion, we recommend making your training sessions no longer than 20 minutes so that athletes are not overloaded and avoid any type of injury. With this time, 25% is destined for a rest phase for muscle recovery. In addition, our equipment will ensure an active recovery without spending more time than the necessary.

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