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Electrostimulation can be used to relief pain

First of all, we want to remind you that electrical stimulation can help you prevent an injury, but if you are one of those who have not joined this technique on time, then let us tell you that you can also use it to relieve that pain that doesn’t let you sleep.

The number of physiotherapists who use this tool is growing. It is already part of a multitude of rehabilitation centers, so if you are looking for ways to reduce the pain of an injury… you’re in the right place!

What do you do when a patient needs to stop their pain?

As a physiotherapist, you’re responsible for helping your patients to solve their joint problems improve their physical form and recover from a particular injury. They want to improve the performance of their muscles, and know that you are their best ally. You’re the slide that leads them to the well-being they are looking for, but the quickness and the quality with which they will achieve their goals is in your hands.

There are a wide variety of Injuries, but technology is always a perfect complement regarding to recovery processes.

What role plays electrostimulation for rehabilitation and regeneration after an injury?

In just two words: prevents and relieves. If you act in time to prevent, you won’t have to cure or relieve anything.

We should have in mind that there are hundreds of different injuries, from a twist of ankle spring to a shoulder injury. When these lesions occur by chance, we can do nothing to prevent them, but to reduce its pain. This is where electrostimulation comes into action as quality pulses whose intensity and parameters are perfectly adapted.

Did you know that there is a very reasonable resemblance between the impulses generated by electro-stimulation device and the ones that the central nervous system sends in the contraction of muscles?

Physiotherapies are the true protagonists in the processes of recovery from an injury.

A very powerful technique for easing pain

And not only when it comes to injuries, but also to put an end to the pain caused by overcharge, contractures, or other. For all these things, we speak of electrostimulation with Imotion-EMS as a fantastic tool to treat the pain in a simple, fast and effective way. Physical therapists are becoming real professionals of the use of this equipment, so that they acquire a unique knowledge focused on the recovery of patients.

More power, less pain, more resistance and fewer injuries.

Quick conclusion about the relation between reducing pain and electrostimulation

Think of a soccer player who works more on his legs, or in a basketball player that works more her arms while they focus less on other parts of the body. To avoid injuries, electrostimulation serves as a complementary method to work the other parts and not cause any muscle, aesthetic or health problem.

When an athlete is injured, physical therapists investigate the type of injury and he or she suffers and adapt the electrical stimulation to the recovery and relief from such damage.

Do you want to feel stronger and have more resistant muscles? Do you need to recover more quickly after an effort? What do you do to work on some areas of the body than others?

It is no coincidence that this technique has become a priority in rehabilitation, so it have already developed specific programs adapted to relieving pain. Therefore, we can say that we have a perfect Painkiller in rehabilitation.

Electrostimulation is an ancient and timeless technique.

Do you want to feel the pulse of the most advanced technology to recover from an injury? Would you like to attract new patients to your center?

Come with us!

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