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Professionals who use electro-stimulation

We are sure you have already heard of this technique, and it doesn’t surprise us. Electrostimulation came to our lives back in 600 BC, or even before, but we have decided bring it back into fashion right now.

When i-motion was aware of the amount of benefits that electrostimulation could bring to people, we didn’t doubt a single second to join the innovation and make it available for different professional sectors.

We are in favor of thinking that there are no professional exclusions in the world of electro-stimulation, but we are also convinced that there are sectors whose characteristics make them a perfectly suitable place to adopt electro-stimulation as a super technical advantage, something coherent considering the functions that it offers.

The moment seems right to tell you about it. Are you ready?

Physical therapists, trainers and beauticians in an electro-stimulation world

There are thousands of professions in the world and only three sectors have been chosen, so far, as the most appropriate to implement electrical stimulation.

The reasons do not go beyond its needs and functions. I.e., sectors or people who are using electrostimulation are those who see it as an opportunity to improve their services and attention to customers.

  • Physical and personal trainers. They seek to ensure a safe training adapted to the needs of the people, to carry out a proper mental preparation, planning training programs, analyzing the effectiveness of the players in a competition, etc.

Electrostimulation is used in this scenario to achieve an ideal training that automatically adjust programs within a training protocol and levels the intensity of each of the customers. In this way, coaches and trainers get to devote more time to their customers with a personalized service and without having to keep track of the electrostimulation system.

  • Investors. They are those people willing to follow and entrepreneurial route, to bet on a unique business opportunity based on electro-stimulation. During the last few years, this technique has been drawing attention, so investors are starting to build small centers to bring the advantages of electro-stimulation to people. In the i-motion case, we have seen how this opportunity is translated under the name i-motion Club, “created to help users search for the nearest center”.
  • Clients that go to aesthetic centers are people who seek positive and quick results. For this reason, electrostimulation has found a good sector in them, because it is a perfect system for toning muscles, reduce fluid retention and fat, eliminate cellulite, etc.
  • In rehabilitation, in any treatment or recovery process, electrostimulation can be your perfect partner. It means that you can help the patient to recover from an injury and reduce their pain faster.

Why is i-motion EMS perfect for these sectors?

The sport, aesthetics and health sectors are perfect market niches for electrostimulation, simply because this is a technique that responds successfully to your needs. Its possibilities are very broad, and it lets professions to pay attention to the improvement of the performance of an athlete, while they can also relieve the pain of a muscular contracture, or recover the physical shape of a woman after childbirth.

In addition, we have worked to offer the most advanced EMS device in, with this equipment the results are visible in a short period of time.

What do you think about it?

The evolution of electrotherapy

Here we are, just in front of a ‘fashion’ concept that never stops growing. At the beginning the path, we were just dealing with the properties of electricity, suitable for the excitation of the muscle contraction, which inaugurated the use of this technique.

You might wonder how it is possible that for thousands and thousands of years, people already associated stimulation with electricity if it wasn’t until years later when the properties were investigated.

Naturally, the electrostimulation of those years had little to do with the one we have now, but we owe everything to it. Without that practice, an evolution towards what we today understand as electro-stimulation would not have occurred. Some very prestigious names, such us Thales of Miletus or Galen, introduced electrotherapy in our world, and the equipments we know today are just the evolution and development of this phenomenon.

Together, we have contributed to a revolutionary technique that we have given the name of i-motion EMS.

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