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Opening a sports center with electrostimulation

If you are a personal trainer and you have to move back and forth to perform your EMS training sessions, we have a solution for you: our portable electrostimulation equipment.

I-motion offers the perfect electrostimulation equipment for you to train your users comfortably while achieving their goals. i-motion EMS device is different from other electrostimulators. With our device, we assure you that your users will enjoy pleasant sensations, without suffering, during the 20 minutes that the training sessions last. All this, while your muscles are exercised with intense and deep work.

Our portable equipment is very practical because it is easy to carry. In this way, you won’t need to have a single place to train your users, but you’ll be able to move around without any problem and develop both indoor and outdoor EMS training sessions. Would your users like to train in a park? With our portable electrostimulation equipment, you can develop your workouts anywhere. Would you like to train in a more appropriate and conditioned room? You can also use our equipment on it.

Testimonials from users who have trained with the i-motion equipment

Users give us their opinion so we can know what they think when they train with i-motion. We have testimonies from various countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Greece and Spain. We are going to share with you some of these testimonies are:


  • Karina López y Javier Badagnani (Argentina): “I-motion is excellence in equipment and continuous innovation, it is and has been a resolution for everything that has happened to us from the technical to the human side”.
  • Oliver Catalán (Chile): “With the experience of a year and a half of the equipment’s work and knowing it well, I can say that my experience has been totally satisfactory, since the versatility of the equipment and feeling of freedom makes the user always feel satisfied with their workout and results”.
  • Víctor Melillo (Brazil): “I am very satisfied with i-motion. In just two months we got 50 customers and all with proven results after training with the equipment”.
  • David Leonardo Ríos Ortiz (Colombia): “In this way we express the satisfaction that we, as customers, feel as we have contracted with you, i-motion, taking into account the continuous assistance, accompaniment and support”.
  • Aleksey Khomenko (Russia): “Of all the wireless EMS equipment we chose i-motion because we were really impressed with the quality of the impulses, it has a very intuitive control panel and a proper interface”.
  • Nikiforos Pantelidis (Greece): “I love it. It allows us great flexibility when it comes to using it in all the exercises we want. I can use it in all areas and with all kinds of instruments”.
  • Monsport Alex Tinoco (Spain): “Great electrostimulation equipment, 100% confidence in them, in addition, after-sales service is great, efficiency assured in record time”.


What are the main features of the equipment?

Our portable electrostimulation equipment consists of some main features that will provide you with multiple advantages and benefits, whether you are a trainer or user. Some of them are:


  • Devices with different screen sizes: We have a 21.6-inch large screen device and a tablet with a 10.6-inch screen.
  • Microchip’s professional Bluetooth module: It has been manufactured in the United States. It is class 1, it reaches a distance of 100 meters. As it is internationally approved, it can be used in all countries and its expansion is greater.
  • System with a range that lasts up to 16 hours: We developed a series of 3400mA rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Auto-adjustment system compensated by current measurement: This makes adjustments quicker and easier.
  • Security system: ensuring that in the event that communication with the user breaks, this problem does not harm you and the control over it is maintained.
  • Stimulation system with compensated biphasic waves: This system facilitates the stimulation of your muscles because they accumulate lactic acid, a chemical compound that helps you train better and obtain optimal results in your muscle systems.


What items does the electrostimulation portable equipment include?

The equipment consists of several elements and devices that provide easier and more comfortable EMS training. It is a very complete equipment consisting of:

  • Bio-Jacket: The most comfortable jacket with which you can perform EMS workouts. We also provide you with some interior gear: a T-shirt and trousers that must be placed under the Bio-Jacket.
  • I-motion license and software: this is the Smart EMS Software that i-motion provides and is in continuous development.
  • Wireless Connection Module (WCM): is the heart of i-motion. Connect the Bio-Jacket with the Smart EMS Software without needing cables.
  • WCM belt: protects the wireless connection module.
  • Sprayer: to be used with warm water to wet the electrode sleeves.


Have you used our equipment? Are you a personal trainer looking for an equipment that will help you perform your EMS training sessions? Request a demo and try the i-motion’s portable electrostimulation equipment.


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