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Things customers look for when signing up at your gym with electrostimulation

2019 is not going to go unnoticed for the industry of sports, aesthetics or physiotherapy. Firstly, because it has experienced an increase in investment in electrostimulation equipment even greater than that of years ago. And secondly, because it will continue to grow thanks to the innovation that this technology is constantly experiencing.

i-motion is a clear example. Not only it has become the only equipment with Smart EMS Software that enables active recovery, but also the first to ensure a comfortable and pleasant feeling during a workout. Its sequential impulse system is leading the way and it is constantly evolving.

Are you ready to maximize your benefits? What are the different needs of your customers when they go to sign up at a sports center? Pay attention.

Advantages of electrostimulation

The technique of electrical muscle stimulation or EMS has become a popular discipline because of the versatility it offers and the amount of benefits it brings to coaches and athletes:

  • An increase in muscle activation and, therefore, a contraction of fibers that would be impossible to reach through voluntary contractions.
  • Less tiredness when performing exercises, so more repetitions can be done without causing fatigue.
  • Reduce the risk of injury, as this it does not involve complicated exercises or a great effort.
  • Muscle relaxation during periods of stress, which also decreases pain.
  • Removal of potentially damaging toxins accumulated in the body.

For coaches and trainers:

  • Greater success and recognition of their work, because they help athletes achieve effective results in a short time.
  • Increase in the trust of users who get great benefits.
  • Possibility to carry out group and multigroup trainings without losing attention to users.
  • Personal trainers and physical trainers, among other sports professionals, achieve a personalized, safe and tailored training to each athlete.

Despite all the advantages that we can already obtain with the mere use of electrostimulation equipment, i-motion increases the benefits thanks to its constant evolution. Look at these examples.

About the Bio-Jacket:

  • It offers a suit where the electrodes can be used to stimulate the muscles in a much optimal way. It also allows to stimulate those muscles that are not muscle groups by default.
  • Provides a comfortable, odorless and antibacterial suit made of a durable and elastic material perfectly adaptable to the body.
  • Its electrodes are independent, and they can be placed anywhere indicated by the personal trainer or physical trainer.
  • The Bio-jacket can be divided into different work areas, allowing a selective work of muscle groups as well as the exclusive use of the upper part of the body.
  • The feeling is much more comfortable for outdoor use or in cold climates.
  • It has a wide variety of sizes to suit each body shape.
  • It is the most efficient and comfortable suit on the market. It is manufactured entirely in Spain and it guarantees perfect mobility.

About the Smart EMS Software:

  • It is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Allows sequential quality impulses in which, with a single initial setting, the equipment automatically adapts the intensity parameters in the different programs of each training protocol.
  • Faster active recovery after making great efforts.

With i-motion, training is much simpler and more enjoyable. Your customers are looking for it when they need fast and effective results. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your business with one of the most valued equipment on the market.

The evolution i-motion in 2019

The i-motion EMS device has experienced significant growth throughout this year, helping many coaches and athletes achieve their sporting and business goals. We have landed on different continents, countries and events in order to publicize the benefits of our equipment.

From the Body FItness Paris Fair to the German FIBO’ 19 stage. From the heart of Mexico to The International Sports & Fitness (ISF) Middle East in Dubai. And from Santiago de Chile to RiminiWellness, Italy’s largest event on wellness, sport, business, physical activity and healthy eating.

I-motion has constantly evolved to the point of becoming the most innovative equipment in the electrofitness and electrostimulation industry. It is a unique opportunity, not only for athletes and coaches, but also for those who want to invest in a profitable business.

Do you why your customers need i-motion technology?

We have reached a conclusion: i-motion is the only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant feeling while subjecting the muscles to an intense and a deep work. Its Smart EMS Software automatically recalibrates programs within the same training protocol and it can self-adjust the impulse intensity in each muscle group in a smart way. This, alongside the advantages that we told you at the beginning of this post, make i-motion a totally effective equipment.

It’s your electrofitness system, because it fits you perfectly. Thanks to its Bluetooth and software technology, it allows you to train with total freedom. Just what your users are looking for (toning muscles, a much more effective workout in less time…).

In addition to the 20 usual programs, you can now enjoy 20 smart workout routines, 10 training-focused exercise sequences (work strength, cardio, and endurance) and 10 others focused on rehabilitation and health processes.

Ready to get the world in shape?

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