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6 myths about Electro-stimulation

The fitness electrostimulator has been incorporated as a new way to train. Its use is increasingly demanded because, from the moment you train with muscle electrostimulation, you want to repeat with it. The i-motion electrostimulator is in continuous development and undergoes a great international expansion, as it is present in more than 40 countries. Today, there are 28 official distributors of i-motion. In addition, it is a good investment for those entrepreneurs because it is an excellent business opportunity.

Thanks to EMS workouts you can achieve a simultaneous training in which more than 300 muscles of your body are exercised. Everything is achieved through large and effective electrostimulation programs such as the Smart EMS Software or the EMS Sequential Impulses. Muscle electrostimulation workouts are intense, but at the same time comfortable, enjoyable and more effective. Many people already use muscle electrostimulation and not just for training. It is also used by hospitals, physical therapists or aesthetic centers in the services they offer. However, most of the business is developed through gyms and personal trainers.

Multigroup EMS workouts are a reality

The implementation of multigroup EMS training has taken time because developing them is a long process. If the individual trainings were already complicated, those practiced in a group are even more complicated. However, i-motion, with its Smart EMS Software system, has addressed the drawbacks, as it presents two solutions:

  1. It does not only allow an individual training of the client, but also the multigroup training with several of them.
  2. It helps the personal trainer because they won’t have to keep an eye on changing each other’s exercises, but it offers the possibility to change every program at the same time. This will save time and the quality of the workouts will greatly increase.

At the beginning of each EMS training session, this Smart EMS Software will automatically reset the intensity levels and training programs or exercises of each of the users. This prestigious system makes the company the only one that offers multi-group EMS trainings so far.

How can personal trainers benefit from multi-group EMS training?

Personal trainers use these types of tools to perform their individualized workouts. Having a personal trainer rather than working out alone in a gym or outdoors is booming.

To offer the best quality in training many of these personal trainers already use muscle electrostimulation, as they consider it to be a more comfortable and effective way of training. And to offer the highest quality, they have the i-motion professional muscle stimulator and their smart software because, with them, they are able to carry out both individual and multigroup training. In addition, it allows them to perform an optimal training service saving time and achieving great results.

What is the trainer’s goal? Perform a good training and make their client achieve the goals. With multi-group EMS trainings, the trainer is one of the beneficiaries as well as the client. Among the benefits that the trainer gets with these workouts, the followings stand out:

  • Make sure the training session has been a success: More than one client train at the same time, but the success of each session is individual. That is, if one of the clients leaves or stops training it does not affect the others.
  • There is no maximum number of clients for those workouts: This fact allows to train many people at once and being able to have more clients.
  • You can combine exercises with machines: With i-motion Wireless you can combine various styles and EMS training programs with machines which helps to generate better results.
  • Freedom of movement: Thanks to it, the workouts are more comfortable for both the personal trainer and the client. In addition, this freedom also guarantees the coach more time to prepare a good and effective session.

Are you a personal trainer who wants to improve the quality of your workouts? Have you tried a multi-group EMS training? Request a demo here and you will discover all the training advantages you can get with the i-motion’s muscle electrostimulation.

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