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Are you a personal trainer? 5 sports industry trends that you should know

ow that we’re starting a new year, how about going over the main sports industry trends? And not only from the point of view of the activity, but also from the technique used to obtain results. In this context, we’re going to share with you what it’s about. Do you feel that the work you do has stalled? Do you want to improve user results with new techniques? Come with us, we’re going to tell you how!

5 sports trends in 2020

More and more gyms, sports centers, etc., incorporate to their list of activities new trends that arise in other countries, or simply that represent a revolution in the sports practice of personal training. Here are some of them:

  • Tacfit. It is a hard training program that requires exceptional fitness. It is designed to develop strength and mobility, as well as responsiveness in different situations. So much so, that its origin is in elite bodies in critical or stressful situations.
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It is a high intensity cardiovascular training that requires a lot of demand in the body. In this practice, very intense intervals of work are alternated with others of relaxation, repeating this dynamic throughout the training.
  • Power Jump. It is the well-known body jump with which you jump on a trampoline while performing aerobic and cardio exercises, with medium high intensity.
  • K-Box. This technique is related to martial arts, karate or kickboxing and it should be performed in continuous movement. It aims to improve physical capacity and aerobic endurance.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). It is not a sport, but a technique to complement it with physical activity. Thanks to it, many people are getting quick results in less time. Later we will talk about i-motion EMS, the most advanced technology in electrostimulation of the moment.

All these advances occur in the digital and informative context that characterizes society now. Remember that before and after performing these activities it is important to stretch and know what the technique consists of with the help of a personal trainer.

i-motion EMS, technology to support sport

The i-motion EMS device grows and advances according to the needs of the market. That’s why, little by little, new features are included in its smart software. Currently, it has 20 very complete programs that allow trainers and physical trainers to perform an effective and tailored training to each person.

In addition to fast and effective results in less time than conventional training, i-motion also allows remote access to your computer and server desktop to control it anywhere. The advantage of this phenomenon is the possibility to contact our team instantly to solve any doubt or problem.

Your IT will remain secure and stable. Our specialists will always be available to all customers in order to prevent and solve problems on the equipment. If you don’t already have a reliable and timely service, we recommend doing so now.

Its advanced Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology has been internationally approved, with 100 meters of radio range and anti-break communication security system. You’ll never lose control of the user. You’ll increase safety, efficiency and functional convenience.

Smart EMS Software

It is intuitive and easy to use, it has the remote assistance that coaches need, it is a software in continuous development (we are up to date on the latest advances and studies of new EMS programs updated and delivered to our customers). We work with the Windows 10 operating system, licensed by the world leader Microsoft.

i-motion has all the preset parameters when you need to change programs. This means that the times of contraction and relaxation will be at optimal values for each program. It gains much more time during the training session and reduces errors.

The suit you work with is called bio-jacketperfect for an intense workout, but more comfortable and enjoyable than ever. It has been manufactured 100% in Spain and it guarantees perfect mobility. It covers most of the body, and that causes EMS wave access to extend to more than half of our 650 muscles.

Of course, we do not forget the important role of the electrodes, made of rubber-carbon, lightweight, which have been developed specifically for electrostimulation. In addition, these characteristics make them possible to be applied in any area of the body (abductors, buttocks, abdomen, etc.).

In short, i-motion not only provides immediate aesthetic results, but also a healthy body, a much more resistant bone system, better blood circulation and a pleasant and happy mood.

Frequently asked questions about electrical muscle stimulation

How long does an EMS training last? How many sessions should I do per week? When will the first results be seen? Does an electrostimulation session tire a lot? Now, let’s answer them:

  1. Duration of the training. EMS training can take between 5 minutes and 1 or 2 hours, including warm-up and recovery.
  2. Number of sessions per week. It is recommended to use EMS between 2 and 6 times per week and muscle, depending on the program we select, the level, the experience, etc.
  3. First visible results. It has been scientifically proven that the first results of EMS are seen within 3 or 4 weeks of regular use.
  4. Fatigue. Muscle electrostimulation does not involve voluntary activation of muscles, so it does not require particular effort. On the contrary, it is a passive workout from which muscles can easily recover with the i-motion active recovery.

Do you have any other doubts? Contact us!

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