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Opening a sports center with electrostimulation

The sport industry is made up of very different professional profiles: athletes, personal and physical trainers, investors, etc. Sports investing can be very interesting, you can invest in a specialized center or a gym to make a profit, get new customers and help them achieve the results they are looking for.

These investors want to ensure up-to-date quality tools and trained professionals. However, their main frustrations often come because they do not live up to the customer’s needs, failure and lack of enough customers. In this post we will tell you why electrostimulation is a potential technique to growth your sports center.

Do you know the meaning of electrostimulation? How do you think it might benefit your customers? We will tell you in this post.

Electrostimulation: the jewel in the crown of new sports centers

Muscle training with electrostimulation is in everyone’s mouth. A few years ago, this technique was a mere discovery from 600 BC, when electrostimulation and electricity began to be related and a scientific method was used by Volta and Galbani, among others, to find out its properties.

Who would say that in the 21st century it would become one of the greatest technological innovations for athletes? The reasons behind their revolution in sports centers go beyond the fact that they are time savers:

  • Demands more efficient work of associated muscle groups, increases metabolic rate and promotes fat burning.
  • Reduces the risk of injury and even physiotherapists use it to recover athletes from them, relieve pain, prevent muscle atrophy, prevent more severe damage, etc.
  • Increase muscle resistance to fatigue, as this usually appears before the sessions are finished when we do physical exercise.
  • Increase the strength of muscle groups and combine it with other exercises.
  • Active recovery. When someone have a high level of lactate, the muscle fatigue can increase. However, thanks to i-motion, it is possible to reduce it.


With twenty minutes of electric muscle stimulation you can help athletes get the equivalent effects to two hours of gym. If you’re going to help them get obvious, long-lasting results, use EMS.

Sports centers: How to choose an electric muscle stimulator

Who is the target audience of your gym? Think about the equipment. Think about how they will facilitate the work of coaches and trainers, enhance the results of the athletes who access the center, and the time they have to exercise. Electrostimulation equipment is the most fashionable trend and technique that is revolutionizing sports trainings.

i-motion wants to share with you the characteristics that your muscle electrostimulation equipment should have to facilitate training:

  • Smart and wireless EMS software. It automatically recalibrates programs within a training protocol and it can self-adjust the impulse intensity in each muscle group.
  • Remote assistance. Have remote access to the desktop of computers and servers to control them from anywhere with internet connection.
  • Professional technical service. Availability of specialists so that coaches can communicate quickly and solve equipment problems. Verify that this has a reliable and timely technical service.
  • EMS technical certificate. Check that the EMS equipment provides certification as a professional to endorse coaches as differentiated professionals. This is achieved through the skills, competencies, tools and methodologies they acquire throughout the training.
  • Advanced technology (Bluetooth wireless technology class 1). The international approval of advanced technology ensures that you do not lose control of the user. This impacts in an increase of safety, efficiency and ease of use for both trainers and users.
  • Ability to do multigroup workouts. This feature is unique to i-motion. The smart adjustment of its new software allows the simple and intuitive use of all the parameters and guarantees a unique experience for athletes.
  • Convenience of use from a technical point of view for trainers (Tablet or screen and Wireless Connection Modules (WCM) to train without any cable), and from the point of view of the user (material made of rubber and carbon, lightweight suit, mobility…).

The i-motion EMS equipment has become a unique opportunity for gyms and other sports centers because it brings together all the necessary features to ensure a potential workout. It is updated with the most innovative technology on the market.

3 applications areas of training with the i-motion EMS

Gradually, training with electric muscle stimulation has been incorporated in different fields of application. This happens while its effectiveness is manifested in training methods for gyms and small sports centers. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven, and some of its most recent fields of application are:

  • Professional training for high performance athletes in performance centers and Olympic training to complement the specific training of your sport and increase strength and speed.
  • Training of police and military units, where electrostimulation has also been applied.
  • Therapies and treatments. Great successes can be achieved in the development and maintenance of the muscles. Lack of stimulus causes weakening and loss of unloaded musculature. EMS may also be ideal for reliving back pain.

Athletes and competitive athletes quickly benefit from improvements in strength thanks to electric muscle stimulation training. The i-imotion electrode system allows to do numerous specific sports exercises with which muscle fibers generate strength without neglecting the transfer in the objective exercise.

Make your new business more profitable

Are you thinking about how to monetize your investment within a certain time frame? With i-motion you can do it in three months, optimizing your time and multiplying the revenue of the sports center. You don’t even need a lot of space to perform the exercises with the equipment.

We have instructors ready to offer the necessary training and get the most out of the equipment and businesses. Electrical muscle stimulation has become the future of many fields dedicated to fitness and wellness, and its purpose is to provide remarkable changes adapted to the lifestyles and routines of people seeking results.

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