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How can you reduce the risk of injury in sport?

The answer to this question is in the most advanced electrostimulation, and if we talk about advanced electrostimulation we should mention the i-motion Smart EMS Software.

What is it? How does it power coaches work? Why is a perfect partner to avoid the risk of injury?

Sport injuries

Yes, we already know that injuries can occur to anyone because no one are safe of a fall, a twisting, or other damage at any time. But there is something we can do with athletes: work the muscles properly to reduce the risk of injury in their sports activities.

Although many times, not to say most of the times, the cause of these injuries are some sporadic accidents, we should bear in mind that there are many other factors that facilitate the risk for them in muscles, bones and tendons. Therefore, what is the first step to prevent them? Knowing all those factors and work to prevent them. Some of the most common are:

  • Lack of training and preparation.
  • Little or no warming time.
  • Osteo-articular muscle weaknesses.
  • Competitive stress for fear of losing or even by the pressure of the outfit.
  • Not considering the psychological state (stress, crisis of panic, etc.).
  • Insufficient rest.
  • Cooling of muscles.
  • Lack of muscle coordination.
  • Poor diet.

And other external factors such as:

  • Overload
  • Improper or badly worn footwear

The treatment and rehabilitation after injuries depends on its type, the physical characteristics of the athlete and the cause of it.

Reduce the risk of injury with the imotion’s EMS

You can train your athletes a lot, but perhaps you’re not putting the focus on the muscles that really need it. Or if you do it, not with enough intensity. In any case, it can be avoided if you work the desired area with a high-quality electrostimulation equipment.

Imagine that you have to train a group of boxers, how are you going to work the desired areas? Electrical stimulation can apply the right intensity level on the corresponding muscles, achieving optimum performance in a short time. The speed with which we want to obtain results on the body has led to electro-muscle stimulation to the top, so that you ensure the athletes a proper preparation reducing risk of injury. If you didn’t know, the EMS is an old known method for pain relief and for reducing the risk of injury and inflammation.

In i-motion we have considered these factors to develop our equipment, and that is why we encourage you to try it with your users. You may not even be on top of them all the time, thanks to the automated and intelligent nature that the EMS software provides, you can adapt the equipment to each user not losing the attention on them at any time.

The group and multi-group trainings will no longer be a problem. Thanks to EMS software of i-motion, you only have to set up the levels of intensity of the impulses at the beginning of the session. Then, each program would change automatically within a training protocol, something that happens thanks to its ability to adjust the intensity of the impulse on every muscle group in a smart way.

So, forget about adjusting the parameters each time and earn time to focus 100% on the user.

i-motion: what changes with respect to another electrostimulation?

Thanks to the i-motion equipment, coaches and trainers will no longer have to be manually adjusting all levels of intensity and changing programs to each user who is involved in the training session. Have you ever thought in the time that is lost with this type of action?

Thanks to the electrostimulation of this EMS machine from not only the risk of injury can be reduced, but it also breaks with configuration and time limitations. It is time to listen to your users and address their needs in a personalized way.

Are you ready to enjoy a workout without limits?

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