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Characteristics and benefits of the electrostimulation jacket

The electrical stimulation vest is a tool that is used as part of the technique for training with electrical stimulation, which is becoming quite popular and widespread in many centres. A number of athletes are doing it and the sale and use thereof are continuously increasing.

The electrical stimulation vest offers many benefits on a physical level and countless ones for sports and therapy.

One pro for its use is that there are many arguments and studies which scientifically prove the safety of using an electrical stimulation vest. In fact, the vest offers obvious short and medium-term results.

This type of training is adapted to each individual when guided by a personal trainer.

It consists of training equipment featuring electrodes which are distributed all over the body and transmit electric pulses. This makes the muscles contract to increase the intensity of each exercise and force the user to make greater effort to get all the benefits involved. The more the stimulation, the greater the tension and, as a result, the more effective the training.

On the other hand, the intensity of the exercise depends on the intensity the individual can bear; in other words, the capacity to bear the intensity. However, this makes it difficult to establish training guidelines. Therefore, it is completely personalized training.

The electrical stimulation suit is your best ally for your training routines. On the one hand, muscle strength can be unconsciously worked with the contractions caused by the electric pulses. On the other hand, voluntary exercise is done for better and enhanced training.

Improving your exercises with a sports electrical stimulation vest

The electrical stimulation exercises you do will depend on your goals and the muscle groups you wish to work. There are brands that design programmes for each training phase with different intensities.

The exercises can be simple and range from walking or running to more complicated types such as weightlifting, push ups, sit-ups or squats or even leg and arm exercises, for example.

The vest offers extra results; in other words, it improves the results when compared to traditional training. Moreover, it offers support for warm-up, stretching and muscle relaxation.

The monitoring means each exercise can be adapted to each user. Thus, the range of intensities and programmes offered by this technique mean they can be modified according to each user’s needs and circumstances such as age, the desired goal, overall fitness, diseases or injuries.

What does it do?

  • It works 350 muscles at the same time.
  • It saves time as a 25-minute session equals three hours of training in the gym.
  • It reduces the risk of injury. It works the muscles without overloading the bones, ligaments or tendons.
  • There’s not feeling of wear during the session. This means the intensity can be increased.
  • It decreases the cardiovascular load during training.

The benefits of an electrical stimulation vest

  • It’s a useful sport and therapeutic tool
  • It has aesthetic effects
  • It tones the muscles
  • It helps reduce the levels of body fat and cellulitis
  • It improves elasticity, strength and speed
  • It prevents injuries since there is no impact on the joints
  • It helps quickly recover from injuries
  • It helps achieve goals faster
  • Specific exercises can be done for any sport, for example, running
  • It activates a person’s metabolism to burn fat and obtain energy
  • Prolonged effort can be done at average intensity
  • The fat cells decompose, releasing ATP into the blood flow
  • It eliminates liquids
  • It improves overall blood circulation
  • You’ll jump higher and run faster
  • It improves speed in elite athletes
  • You lose weight and fat in very little time; however, you must also maintain a healthy diet and do sports regularly in addition to training with electrical stimulation
  • It improves cardiovascular and metabolic response in people with metabolic diseases as it affects glucose metabolism
  • It reduces stress
  • It increases muscle mass
  • It’s ideal when you have little time as you need less time in comparison with traditional training to get the same results. So, it does more work in less time as powerful muscle work is done in 15 to 30-minute sessions.
  • It works the muscles intensively. More fibres are activated during combined electrical stimulation and active exercise than when such exercise is done separately. In other words, if electrical stimulation and active or traditional exercise are done separately.
  • It raises the glutes and reduces the hips
  • It improves a person’s physical condition and enhances performance
  • It increases the calories burnt after electrical stimulation
  • It prevents osteoporosis
  • It produces greater connective tissue activation depth
  • It reduces back pain and repairs muscles
  • It helps with post-partum recovery and helps tone the pelvic floor
  • You get smoother and firmer skin
  • Muscle definition and tone
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