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How to treat cellulite? Electrostimulation

Is there a solution on the market that acts specifically on the “orange peel skin” effect?

The answer is yes. Technological advances in the field of muscular electrostimulation have made it possible to develop devices and programs that allow a fast and significant reduction of cellulite. .

→ Electrostimulation, for a localized action


Cellulite is a physiological variation of fat distribution. It refers exclusively to women and is found in the hypodermis of the thighs, buttocks and hips. Therefore, to act specifically on cellulite, it is necessary to have a specific action in these areas.

Muscle electrostimulation is a method that consists of sending electrical impulses directly to the muscles to force their contraction and strengthen the fibers, making it possible to target specific areas of the body by placing electrodes in these strategic places.



→ Eliminate cellulite with electrostimulation


Working specifically in areas where cellulite is concentrated is a good start. But for effective action, it is necessary to use an adapted technique. By acting directly on the muscles, electrostimulation has the effect of strengthening and toning them. –


– Also, I-motion, one of the world leaders in wireless EMS, after several studies on real cases has developed a program specifically dedicated to cellulite reduction. An innovative program designed by engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of medical devices. This new approach positions i-motion as a company as a competitor in the field of muscle electrostimulation.

The anti-cellulite program developed by i-motion has been studied to treat skin laxity, tissue flaccidity, heartburn and orange peel skin. Focused on calorie burning, it triggers an immediate metabolic activation that has the effect of eliminating fat and acting against water retention for fast and long term results. –



→ Electrostimulation in beauty centers



Already widely used in sports centers, especially for weight loss and muscle strengthening, electrostimulation is gaining ground in health and beauty centers. In beauty centers, muscle electrostimulation is used in particular to lose weight, sculpt the silhouette and improve well-being.

Managers of beauty centers are discovering an ideal solution to optimize time and space, build customer loyalty, attract new customers and stand out from the competition . –

To discover all the advantages of electrostimulation in the beauty sector, ask for more information.

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