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Does electrostimulation work? Laura Ziv interview

This is the Laura Ziv interview, who trains as a professional athlete and is an electrostimulation expert, nobody better than her to talk about the electrostimulation, based on her experience.

Laura Ziv, 26 years old, is a professional bodybuilding athlete in the bikini category, nutritionist and sports trainer.

Laura, can you describe your activity: your background, your activities, your values, your goals, your challenges?

→Mi passion for sport and people drives to share and communicate my way of seeing the world.

I want to raise awareness of the beauty of our world and the possibilities we have at our disposal. I would like to help as many people as possible to live happily and healthily.

To do this I share information and motivations on my instagram page and propose ebooks and programs on my website.

At the same time I enjoy life and travel around the world to live my passion for bodybuilding.

What is your daily sports routine?

→ I train 7 days a week, once or twice a day in bodybuilding and cardio training.

In addition of that, I do hypopressive abdominal, stretching and meditation every morning.

What are your secrets to being motivated?

→ Hope, following my dreams, I prefer long term pleasure rather than short term.

Does electrostimulation work? What is your experience in electrostimulation?

→ I spent hours of training in a beauty center that had acquired body technology machines from another brand in December 2017. Since this time, I have improved my experience in electrostimulation. have tried and worked with most of the different brands of electrostimulation present on the European market.

I personally love using electrostimulation because of the sensation, as well as the positive effects on my body.

Thanks to my research and my experience as a fitness trainer I was able to quickly form a detailed opinion about electrostimulation.

If we know how to use it correctly, the physiological impact is amazing.

How long have you been working with i-motion EMS electrostimulation?

→ In August 2018 I opened a personalized training studio offering electrostimulation and since this moment I decided to use i-motion technology.

→ Reasons because I´ve choosen i-motion: the programmes variety, the intuitive user platform, the creation of personalised programmes, the possibility of using waistcoats or integral combinations,.

In concrete terms, In your opinion, does electrostimulation work? More results? Faster results? Other benefits?

→ If I don’t have time to do one of my classic sessions, I can replace it with 20 minutes of electrostimulation without feeling guilty, I have better resistance, even though I no longer train with heavy loads I maintain my strength, I never retain water or cellulite, I have a better recovery and the results on my weight loss clients are incredible!

When you have to prepare for a competition, does electrostimulation work?

→ Electrostimulation allows me to save energy at the end of my preparation, in the last weeks before competitions. In periods when I am more tired, being able to do 20 minutes instead of an hour of training for the same result is really encouraging!

What do the people around you think? Are they satisfied, happy to work with electrostimulation?

→ Many people love it, some are reluctant, but in any case the progress is there…

Some people are sometimes reluctant, and see electrostimulation with a bad eye, even though they have never tried it! What should I tell these people?

→ You have to try to overcome your fears and understand what is happening in the human body to realise that it is actually a process similar to voluntary muscle contraction and that if you do not have cardiovascular problems this tool can be really beneficial.

Do you think that electrostimulation fits in our modern lifestyle?

→ We live in a world that is going faster and faster, so the generations are less and less patient and are used to everything being done quickly. That’s why many people leave the gym only a few weeks after registering.

Therefore, electrostimulation is a solution that fits in very well with our current lifestyle, thanks to the effectiveness in a very short time.

Would you recommend it to others – to athletes but also to individuals who want to get results?

→ I recommend it to everyone, from teenagers in physical training to the elderly for maintenance!

I have sold my gym and only practice electrostimulation on a personal basis today, so I have no particular interest in saying this.

If so, why?

→ The benefits on the body are impressive and this for all types of people, we can really adapt the i-motion technology to all profiles and allows a clear improvement in the quality of life!

You talk about your difficult past on Instagram, what role did sport play in this “new life”?

→ Sport saved me. After my father died as a teenager, I fell into a few years of sadness and bodybuilding gave me back my physical and psychological strength.

This is what allowed me to work on myself, grow and get out of my negative habits.

Later, bodybuilding brought me the rigor that I control my body, my thoughts and therefore my life and today I can proudly say that, I am living my dream.

Do you have anything to add?

→ We are all capable of anything, we just have to know what we want, and believe in ourselves.

To find out more about Laura, you can check out her Instagram account and her website.

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