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The demand for coach electrostimulation trainers is growing

The demand for coach electrostimulation  is increasing every day, which is the reason because our family of EMS Trainer and I-motion clubs is on the rise, growing all over the world. More and more coaches are choosing electrostimulation as a way to improve their results and offer an advanced technology service.

Today we introduce you to Angelique Tedesco, who has joined us as EMS Personal Trainer and I-motion brand ambassador for France. Angelique, as a commercial representative of our brand, will perform demonstrations of our products, trainings, and sales.

To be trained as an I-motion electrostimulation coach, she has visited our headquarters in Madrid. This is a summary about Angelique and her visit to Spain.

Presenting Angelique Tedesco:

Angelique is a coach graduated in nutrition and in electrostimulation (EMS)

Her goal is the well-being of her client thanks to personalized training.

Why she recommend Electrostimulation?

The goal of electrostimulation is to reproduce the process of a contraction voluntary muscle from electric pulses by electrodes. This method is often used for rehabilitation by the physiotherapists. It consists of the emission of electrical impulses to the muscles just as our own organism does through the different cells of our body.

A session of 20 minutes equivalent to 4 hours of muscle contraction.

Advantages of electro stimulation:

The material used is of last generation and wireless, it is an asset because the session can be organized either outside or at home.

Working of course, with all health precautions related to Covid-19.

The targeted people are those who want fast results and do not have the time or don’t like to go to the gym sport.

One session per week is sufficient. Two persons can be coached at the same time (couple, friends, girlfriends).


Angélique TEDESCO


NJ Fit Body-Wellness

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