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Group and multi-group training with i-motion EMS

This is the reality that has been being in sports centers for some years now, and we are not just talking about treadmills, stationary bikes or rowing machines, but tools that have been the result of technological advances. The great example is muscle electrostimulation, a technique implemented through innovative equipment, such as i-motion EMS.

In this post we will not only tell you what it consists of, but we will also emphasize the importance and the reasons why gyms should be renovated with this type of tools. Let’s start!

Muscle electrostimulation training, a fashionable technique

Why this training and not another? Why is EMS more effective than conventional training? Would it be comparable to spend 20 minutes doing a traditional workout?

The answer to all these questions can be found in this technique. An electrostimulation workout does not equal the one we do in our usual gym, as we have to do more efforts in a traditional workout and we see slower results. In addition, EMS allows you to work several muscle groups at once, without the need to work the legs first, then work the chest, then abdomen and biceps, etc., as happens in conventional training. Therefore, you work with exercises perfectly designed by the trainers and save a lot of time.

The recruitment of fibers is also different in one session and another, since in a conventional training occurs from outside into the muscle, while a workout with electrostimulation adds to that recruitment the fibers that can result from within, because of the sequential impulses of the i-motion EMS device. In short, you work more muscles in less time.

The great benefits of EMS on the athletes’ body and performance have led many personal trainers and physical trainers to adopt this technique and acquire the knowledge they need to put it into practice. i-motion facilitates this process thanks to its training, with which you can acquire the technical EMS certificate and become a differentiated professional with new skills, competencies and working methodologies.

What advantages does i-motion EMS offer for investors?

Investors are often looking for new profitable business opportunities. Electrostimulation is therefore a technique in the spotlight of these professionals: it allows them to create new start-ups, specialized sports centers, etc., with great short and long-term benefits.

Are you an ambitious person willing to take risks to get great returns? Do you want to innovate in the world of fitness? Muscle electrostimulation may be the opportunity you’re looking for to:

  • Innovate in a trendy technique, make profits and attract new customers easily.
  • Apply EMS in diverse sectors and needs (sport, health and aesthetics).
  • Offer an opportunity not only to coaches and trainers, but also to the athletes themselves.
  • Have quality Electrofitness equipment (remote assistance, maximum security, smart and wireless software, professional technical service, advanced technology, comfort of use, maximum availability, etc.).

The body care market is in a process of development and growth, and therefore fitness is a clear investment opportunity. Being fit in a short time is the dream of many, but we could never imagine that we could apply a lot of physical intensity with very little effort. i-motion EMS stimuli cause muscle contractions to achieve an effect equal to or better than that obtained through conventional exercise.

This type of passive exercise has revolutionized the world of fitness, as athletes are increasing their muscle tone, volume, endurance and strength, among others, in a notorious way. Of course, we are not talking about a miraculous system, as many believe, but about the evolution of sports training with technology. So much so, that great elite athletes have already integrated it as part of their usual training sessions.

The challenge of digital transformation in gyms

Digital transformation has come to the gyms to stay. Although technology seemed a field away from this sector, sports discipline takes on the challenge through the integration of new tools. In this post we have seen how the muscle electrostimulation of i-motion is an opportunity that many investors are already taking advantage of, especially in an era when it is essential to approach our target.

The younger millennials and centennials have been born with technology. They need it to feel like they stay on air, so companies that need to attract them should know that EMS increases the chances of younger users also going to their gyms. Millennials have grown with the emergence of the internet and the growth of online shopping. Centennials came when the internet was already implanted in society and they are experiencing the boom of consumer to consumer commerce. So, what can we expect from them?

Don’t miss this opportunity. Success is on the other side of fear. Do you have any doubts? Call us, i-motion can help you.

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