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What is an electrostimulation suit and how does it work?

What is an electrostimulation suit and how does it work?

At i-motion, we keep offering you all the necessary information and solving all your doubts about the global phenomenon of electrofitness that allows you to achieve considerable results in your physical shape and wellbeing in a much shorter timeframe than conventional fitness workouts. Today, we would like to talk about one of the elements that are part of our equipment: the electrostimulation suit.

Probably, the fact of training dressed in a jacket seems bulky and uncomfortable, especially when it has built-in electrodes, but in reality, it is just the opposite. The i-motion electrostimulation suit, the result of a long process of testing and improvement, has been designed and developed in order to guarantee full and total satisfaction of our users. Our electrostimulation suit is a comfortable, flexible and easy to put on garment, adjustable to any body constitution, allowing the user to enjoy their training with total freedom of movement. It is a suit specifically designed for EMS training.

It is a neoprene suit, 3 millimetres thick, consisting of 2 pieces and 18 freely displaceable electrodes that can be placed on certain areas of the body that you want to train. In fact, it covers most of the body, focusing on the main muscles.

We know that physical exercise involves high sweating. Therefore, our Bio-Jacket seeks to be as hygienic as possible, so that the material (neoprene) it is made of is perfectly prepared to prevent annoying odours and any type of bacteria.

A comfortable training method, 100% wireless!

The i-motion Bio-Jacket remains tight-fitting on the body of the person being trained and receives commands from a modern touch device with the latest wireless technology! It’s a great advantage of our equipment, which differentiates it from most of other market options that still use cables, limiting the user much more when choosing the type of exercise or training place. The electrodes placed strategically in the i-motion suit stimulate the muscles with imperceptible electrical impulses allowing the simultaneous work of large muscle groups, guaranteeing the efficiency of training in shorter periods.

If you want more information about our Bio-Jacket electrostimulation suit or the i-motion equipment, we will be happy to advise you personally.

Triple the effectiveness of your training! i-motion Bio-Jacket. The suit that adapts to you perfectly, and not vice versa!

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