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Does electrostimulation actually work?

Electrostimulation for sports is increasingly used in EMS workouts. Its advantages and benefits are many and that drives citizens to train with it more and more. However, many still wonder if this kind of training really works or if it’s just a fad. We will explain why it works and why you should use it in your EMS workouts to get better benefits for your physical condition.

Advantages of i-motion electrostimulation

Muscle electrostimulation brings a lot of benefits to our body, specifically our muscles. It is true that, despite the ignorance that exists about this practice, there is still a bit of fear about its use. So, if you’re thinking of starting to implement it, don’t worry and try it out to see what it provides and whether you get the benefits you want. Don’t stay behind and immerse yourself in the world of EMS training.

I-motion offers a unique electrostimulation equipment with which you will achieve all your objectives. Do you want to know what are the advantages you will get if you choose the i-motion EMS equipment?

  • A different way of training: With our equipment you can perform independent trainings. What does that mean? It means that your training session will be dedicated exclusively to you, that you will train individually. This aspect is very positive because thanks to it you will not be delayed in your workouts due to other users. You will start your EMS training session at the indicated time and finish it appropriately, after 20 minutes.
  • EMS Active Recovery: I-motion has developed this innovative new system to provide you with multiple benefits. Many personal trainers already use it in their EMS workouts along with the Smart EMS Software. Some of the benefits you achieve with this system are: a more effective training sessions with which you manage to optimize your physical condition; reducing muscle fatigue; relaxing your muscles with the consequent reduction of muscle pain; and increase blood flow and promote venous return.
  • Control the number of sessions: Thanks to its Smart EMS Software you can control the number of EMS training sessions that the users are missing. It is automatically possible to keep track of the training don’t miss any important aspect of it.
  • Cloud Storage System: I-motion offers a new technology that allows you to store all the information of the EMS training sessions, as well as the user data permanently and securely. In this way, there is no continuous fear that some important data will be lost, since everything is stored in the Cloud that i-motion has developed.

3 false myths about sports electrostimulation

As we mentioned above, the ignorance that still exists about this type of training, such as muscle electrostimulation, makes society to not rely on this practice. In the following lines we will mention some of the false myths that are spread and that cause, in some cases, to have a misconception of muscle electrostimulation.

  1. You will improve your physical condition just by sitting on the couch

The notion of playing sport from a sofa doesn’t exist. To exercise, the first thing you have to do is move, and sitting on a couch this does not happen. Some people consider that electrostimulation are wires that connect to the body and that do their job while the person sits. Why are there people who think so? Because of ignorance. The only way to improve your fitness is by exercising your body. Muscle electrostimulation with is a complement that is added to your exercise routine, but if you don’t train and don’t exercise, you won’t get your purposes.

  1. You’ll weight loss faster

This claim is also false. Each body is different, and each person loses weight at a different pace. Sports electrostimulation will help you lose weight if you perform EMS workouts correctly and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The way you eat is a fundamental aspect of achieving a healthy life. In this case, electrostimulation is again a complement, as we also mentioned in the previous point.

  1. All kinds of people can train with sports electrostimulation

It’s not entirely true because contraindications may appear. There are no specifications on the age or sex, but on certain occasions it is better not to train with it. Do you want to find out what these contraindications are?

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with dermatological pathologies.
  • People with cardiorespiratory problems.
  • People with epilepsy.
  • People with cancer or who have had cancer.

If you find yourself in any of these cases, it is recommended to not use electrostimulation. However, if you want to be 100% sure, ask your doctor or a specialist to consider the situation. A healthcare professional will always recommend the best for you.

I-motion: the most advanced technology for your well-being

The i-motion EMS equipment has the best possible technology to reach your goals efficiently and comfortably. And how do we provide it? Through elements like the Bio-Jacket, the most comfortable suit on the market. The origin of sports electrostimulation is found in rehabilitation sessions, but, little by little, it has evolved to become a new way of training, as well as being more and more attractive. With the muscle electrostimulation equipment that i-motion has managed to develop more than 300 muscles of the body are activated simultaneously.

For how long? During the minutes that the EMS training sessions last, for 20 minutes. From i-motion we assure you that with our EMS equipment you will perform a pleasant and comfortable training, a unique feeling that will make you to want to use it over and over again.

Have you done sports electrostimulation training sessions? What sensations have you experienced? If you haven’t tried this type of training yet, request a demo. Try our EMS equipment because you don’t lose anything by trying, you can win a lot. We will be happy to assist you.

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