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CrossFit boxes and electric muscle stimulation

CrossFit is both a physical exercise and a fitness sport. The original CrossFit gym comes from California, United States, and was founded by Greg Glassman and his wife at the time, Lauren Glassman. It consists of a high intensity training that combines different functional exercises. If we match this type of sport with electric muscle stimulation and with the advantages it provides, we find one of the best ways to train.

Tips to create a CrossFit box

Before you start creating your own CrossFit empire, we recommend that you consider some tips for the process to get the success you want.

  1. Find out what a CrossFit box is

You should have a prior knowledge of what this training is all about and its benefits. You should also find out what a CrossFit box is like to get the most out of it. Investigate what people usually practice, how old are they, whether it’s indicated for any particular benefit or function. You must become a CrossFit expert in order to create an empire of this sport. The more information you master, the better decisions you’re going to make, and the success of your business will be greater.

  1. Plan and organize your project

The first thing is to have a clear idea of what kind of business you want to start. Later, that idea should be given a form that suits your purposes. One of the keys to make your project evolve is to build a good foundation and structure that sustains your business idea. Without proper planning and organization, the project you keep in your head is not going to be consolidated.

  1. Draw up a budget

You must be aware of the money you have before starting any new business. The cost of it is essential. This budget includes all kinds of elements that make up the company, from the staff, the facilities to the material to use. You should think about everything that will make up your business and consider all the necessary things to know what you face.

  1. Manage the necessary licenses and permits

Once you’ve completed the previous stages, find out the required permissions, and get the necessary licenses to open your business and build your CrossFit box. It is a complex bureaucratic process that will develop in the long term. That’s why it’s best to start all the efforts as soon as possible to save time so that you can start your project with everything ready.

  1. Find out if there’s any subsidies or aids

Research all the agencies that can provide you with aid: town halls, councils, ministries, among other institutions. Another option is also to look for grants to benefit from. If you’re looking, maybe you could find some public administration that can help you get started and make your project more profitable.

  1. Interview and hire staff

A fundamental part of your business is the people who make it up. You must seek qualified personnel who possess the required and necessary skills. It is essential that you have knowledge about the work you are going to do. Once you’ve found out these people, interview them and select the best options. It is essential that your team is composed by the best professionals so that your project, in this case a CrossFit box, grows and achieves the greatest success.

  1. Search and buy CrossFit material

Just as the human team that makes up your company is important, technical equipment is also essential. Therefore, the material of your CrossFit box must have the best quality. In addition, the satisfaction of future clients is based, among other aspects, on both the material with which they train, as well as the professionals who train them.

  1. Advertise and create a unique brand

Create your own personal and business brand. Your company should be differentiated from the others. You should develop a good communication and advertising strategy. You have to get to the society and, above all, the sports sector. That way, you’re going to attract customers and get them to try out the services you offer.

Muscle electrostimulation and CrossFit: a perfect combination

If the two practices are efficient, by merging them you get a super complete training. On the one hand, you have electric muscle stimulation: an intense and short workout, in a 20-minute session we perform some exercises that in a conventional workout we would do in a one-hour session. In addition, in EMS workouts you exercise the main muscle groups. On the other hand, there is the much-demanded CrossFit. A sport that is also composed of high-intensity exercise, it is often referred to as “the sport of the military“. In this type of sport, you also exercise the whole body.

With a session that combines muscle electrostimulation with and CrossFit you will get the benefits that both provide. Adding the i-motion EMS equipment, which includes the Bio-jacket, the Smart EMS Software, and the EMS Sequential Impulses in your CrossFit box will help your customers achieve their purposes and therefore have greater satisfaction in them.

i-motion EMS Sequential Pulses

It is one of the new features presented by i-motion. It consists of a new technology based on sequences that are distributed through the muscles of your body and that allow them to exercise better. One of its most efficient features is that they control the order of contractions that occur in the muscles. In addition, this innovative technology also has multiple benefits. Do you know them? Some of them are:

  • Reduces injury risk.
  • Reduces the feeling of fatigue both mental and physical.
  • Increases technical work.
  • Optimizes the structuring of personal trainers.

Do you have a CrossFit box? If you add muscle electrostimulation to your business, you will discover all its advantages. Try the i-motion EMS equipment and don’t waste any more time. To do this, request a demo. We will be happy to assist you.

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