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WCM: Wireless Communication Module

Last Generation

At I-motion our obsession with R&D is our motivation and vision. That’s the reason why we work hard every day to research, test and launch ever more advanced of our equipment, in order to adapt to our customers’ needs, so that the use of I-motion equipment is increasingly optimal and simple.


Today we present you the last generation WCM wireless communication module:

This is our wireless communication module, which offers you most comfortable as it is most compact, smaller and sideways positioned.


  • Compact Design.
  • Side Position
  • Wireless Technologies
  • 16 hours autonomy
  • International Homologation
i-motion group certificaciones

Like the previous version, the new WCM continues to offer wireless technology via Bluetooth, which reaches a radius of up to 100 meters and has an anti-breakage communication security system, guaranteeing that communication between devices is never lost.

How to place:

Renewal Plan:

If you currently have the previous WCM, and want to change to the New Generation version, contact us, we already an offer ready for you to be up to date with the new version of the wireless module.