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What does electrostimulation entail?

I-motion EMS have felt the connection between the electrostimulation technique and the human body because they are two parts connected by a thread of health. Physiotherapy is including it in its centers because this technique helps patients to reduce joint pain, to recover faster from an injury, improving the physical tone of bedridden patients, their muscle strength, to prevent atrophy…

We speak of primary needs that are directly connected to the well-being of the human body, and because of it we believe that it is interesting to tell you what constitutes electro-stimulation.

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How does electrostimulation work?

Before continuing reading this post, it is important to have some things clear, things that can respond to more than one concern… For example: what is electro-stimulation, what it does and how it works with the human body.

What is it? Electro-stimulation is a treatment “that uses electrical frequencies and waveforms to relieve both chronic and acute pain and speed the healing of damaged tissues.”

What is it for? Sport, physiotherapy and aesthetic are three sectors in which this technique fits perfectly, since it helps people to achieve faster results in any of these three fields (recovery from injury, prevent atrophy, get ready for competing in a sport, remove cellulite, etc.).

How does it work? It works through a special equipment designed to incorporate electrodes that stimulate multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Citizens, as you and I, have found this tool a tailored suit to overcome the handicaps that prevent them from results seeking to soothe a pain that comes from the nervous system, releasing endorphins, increasing the blood flow in a certain area of the body, reduce muscle tension, avoid degenerations, repair damaged tissues, etc.

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How is the electro-stimulation equipment?

Everything depends on the center or professionals, but, in general, and from the technical point of view, there are no major differences between some equipment and others. The function and the objective don’t vary. They tend to be equipment with rechargeable batteries that include one or several types of screens, security systems to ensure the control of the user, stimulation systems with biphasic waves, systems settings, etc.

The most creative part of this type of equipment resides in the software, whose system is in an state of ongoing development, remaining aware of the latest developments, studies and updates.

Electro-stimulation, something more than good results

Technology says that there is no evil in the world that cannot be resolved with a couple of tools, techniques, or procedures. Electrostimulation is a set of all of them, and although its origin goes back several centuries ago with scientists such as Volta and Galvani, it has experienced a major breakthrough and development thanks to the artificial intelligence of recent times.

We speak of electrostimulation beyond its great results in sport, health and aesthetics because it has also become an entrepreneurship focus for many investors. The European population has become aware of the advantages that these systems provide, from approximately 10 years ago, the manufacture of these equipments has been promoted.

From time to time, technology shakes the traditional systems that we were using in our life, and it makes it to incorporate new formats, developments, a simpler usability… And no one can deny that electro-stimulation is, has been and will be a direct witness of this phenomenon.

A quick overview of electro-stimulation

Now that you know what this technological advancement is, you are a privileged person. Although health is one of most important sectors for physical therapists to use these equipments, electrostimulation also fits in the world of sport and aesthetics. Today’s devices are no longer those of yesterday. Technology has left its footprint throughout electro-stimulation, so, now, these equipments are a synonym of technology, innovation and comfort.

What about you? Have you seen this phenomenon before?

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