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The role of technology for personal trainers

Ensuring a safe workout is sometimes a difficult task. For a personal trainer or a physical trainer this is the basis of their work. It is the way in which they measure the success of his profession. So, imagine the importance level that has for them to ensure a 100% secure training.

Although at first glance is the physical plane the main scene of action, it is not the only one. The mind is the catalyst that encourages the body to achieve better results, and therefore training specialists must be trained to prepare both physically and mentally the people they are in charge of. Technology has a lot to do with this.

i-motion EMS would like to share with you the reasons why a personal trainer and a coach must be able to create safe training programs and adapted to the needs of the people, and how technology has influenced in these tasks.

How do they prepare elite athletes?

When the time to deal with training for a competitive sport comes, it is important to be prepared with the needed physical and mental tools. In this process, not only come into play physical preparation and training programs, but also psychology, nutrition and physical therapy.

The work of the coach should begin by planning, analysis of physical and nutritional status, and the design of a training plan. And these should be supported in the knowledge of motivational concepts and advice skills. The objective is to offer a quality preparation to athletes so that they minimize the risk of injury, and perform their workout routines tailored to the needs and objectives of these athletes.

The main responsibilities of a physical trainer

Responsibility is a kind of attribute that implies guilt. For a coach, there is no greater responsibility than to guarantee a safe and adapted training to each individual, and that implies:

  • A proper mental preparation.
  • Psychology and motivational knowdledge.
  • Advice and monitoring of the training.
  • Help to recover from injuries.
  • Planning tailored training programs.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of athletes in a competition.
  • Keep athletes in perfect conditions for the training.

As you can see, the role of the fitness coach long time age ceased to be focused only on the physical plane to also pay attention to an integrated training.

Technology is part of the training

What is the importance level that technology has in physical training? A couple years ago, technology was not used in sport beyond specific systems to do some exercises. Nowadays, the advances have brought with them a host of new features, including electrical muscle stimulation, a tool able to increase the performance of athletes, among other things.

It is no coincidence that every time more professionals specialize a part of their knowledge in these techniques and put them at the disposal of the athletes that come to them.

In any case, they have found support in the electro-stimulation equipment to do their job. If you’re wondering what they can do these training gurus with technology, here are some answers: butt-sculpting exercises, quadriceps, oblique abdominal exercises, etc.

The boom of electro-stimulation as a 100% effective method occurred in 2015. Four years later, athletes are betting on it to improve their performance, relieve muscular pains and recover from injuries more quickly and effectively. Regarding fitness coaches, they can also ensure a safe workout.

Technology has come because of something and i-motion EMS doesn’t want to remain in doubt.

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