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The importance we place on aesthetics

Have you ever wondered why we believe that someone is beautiful? What neuron moves our brain to think in that way? Are their facial features? Are their toned body? Is their way of seeing the world? Or is it a mix of all of them?

Whatever it is, people love to feel attractive and comfortable with themselves, but that, at times, involves exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding vices, and a myriad of things that require effort.

It is impossible to achieve the dream image without personal compromising. There are no diets, outfits, or miracle products. No one can do it for you. You are the source of your dreams, so you just need to imagine it to go after your dreams.

What about you? What importance do you give you to aesthetics? What do you do to improve your image? What are your methods? Are you thinking to incorporate new techniques? Does any technique come to your mind in particular?

What we consider aesthetics

“A branch of philosophy concerning the essence and the perception of beauty and ugliness. The science which deals with the beauty and the fundamental and philosophical theory of art”. Without knowing very well how or why, everyone loves to feel beautiful. The emotional effects of this feeling are amazing. We cannot get away from the ideal of beauty, even if we try. The cult of the body is already a duty, and, although this brings both positive and negative consequences, nothing points to its disappearance.

We change our approach to the aesthetic throughout the years

Maybe you’re wondering why i-motion EMS talk about this. We do it because we’ve lived it and observed it over the years.

At the age of 15, aesthetics and beauty are met with a beautiful hair and a dream blouse. At 25, things change. Body lotion, facial makeup and perfume cannot be missed on our shelf. Not to mention at 35, a moment in which concerns are not the same as the old ones, and that is also seen in the way of taking care of ourselves. Removing orange skin or regain your figure after childbirth becomes a complex task. And without noticing, you are 45. Now, what we want is to eliminate our signs of aging, lines and wrinkles in the face…

There is always a relationship between human beings and beauty, and do you know why? Because we always want to feel good, but the degree of importance we give to certain aspects of the image changes with the age. Feeling good never goes out of fashion.

Beauty centers adapt to social needs

Aesthetics and beauty occupy an important place in the life of the people, many cosmetologists have created their own centers with more specialized tools. Orange skin, the signs of aging and flaccidity are no longer a problem for many people. The problems need to be solved, so why not to join to this change?

Electro-stimulation equipments, laser hair removal, massages to combat insomnia and manicures reflect an industry that seeks to meet the needs and the problems of its clients. Therefore, they are shaking their hands with the technological world. All these services have begun to be used for aesthetic purposes, as well as providing health benefits.

Therefore, Specialists working in these centers have specific knowledge about the used tools and procedures. In the case of electro-stimulation, aesthetic centers attend the toning, overload and sagging needs.

What is your beauty canon?

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