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The answer is: YES. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is no longer an electric shock produced by a torpedo fish in order to treat some arthralgias, as Egyptians did according to some references from 3,000 BC. It’s much more than that.

This discovery marked the beginning of a technique that, for centuries, has become an advanced and capable muscle electrostimulation tool for immediate results. A technique with which sports professionals can already guarantee a tailored and optimized training to the athletes in their charge.

You no longer need to jump into the pool to ensure optimal training for your swimmers, and today we’re going to tell you why.

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Swimming training with electrostimulation

Swimming is one of those special underwater sports where competition is an extreme challenge. A sport that can be performed as a playful activity or as a competitive sport that is performed under a skill learned. “There is an old axiom in Sports Physiology that claims that an athlete is faster and more explosive when he/she is young, and is losing speed and gaining in physical depth as he/she get older,” Ignacio Romo (El Mundo) says. Although some examples verify this, we can all work on our capabilities.

Electrostimulation with is an ideal tool to work our muscles for a competition in this and other sports. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 50 or 100 meters you’re going to swim, because with this technique it’s possible to get visible results in a few days and improve the clock.

EMS helps you strengthen your core muscles, increasing strength and endurance, but to achieve this it is important to know the timing of your training and equipment operation. A little or no recommended intensity can increase the risk of injury. At i-motion we want to tell you what is the ideal swimming training so that this does not happen to you.

The i-motion equipment in your training with swimmers

One of the key factors in the training of any sport is the attention. Make your athletes feel it and make them part of the team when they are in a group session, because otherwise they are very likely to look for another center or coach.

At i-motion we believe that attention and communication are fundamental in the preparation of athletes, as well as to detect points of improvement and avoid injuries. That’s why i-motion has a Smart EMS Software that allows a training in company and without limits, without having to manually adjust the intensity levels and changing the programs for each user. Now, the role of the coach no longer has limits, as it can guarantee personalized attention and greater time of dedication to swimmers.

i-motion is the only intelligent EMS training system that exists today. Are you ready to develop your true role and not have to be readjusting the intensity levels? Would you like to have more autonomy and focus on the exercise that users do to guide them in their training?

Visible results with electrostimulation for swimming

Within swimming training, it is necessary to have clear the sequential currents that we must apply, as well as the intensity level. At i-motion we recommend starting with moderate intensities to make the process as comfortable as possible. Considering that the buttocks and the dorsal are two of the main muscles that are worked in this sport, and the secondary are the abs, the lumbar, the pectoral and the shoulders, among others, it is ideal to apply the maximum force with the Strenght 1 training program at first, and then, the endurance program. In addition, you can complement them with the Cardio program.

Anaerobic programs can be applied for a couple of days, as they are ideal for those days when you perform a smoother workout. Users may not notice, but the lumbar and abdominals will be working continuously.

i-motion increases safety with its electrostimulation equipment

Its advanced technology has been approved internationally and guarantees to never lose control of the user, providing three fundamental things: SAFETY, EFFICIENCY and COMFORT. All thanks to its ergonomic and functional design, which makes possible the simultaneous work of muscle groups, subjecting them to strong tensions for short periods of time. The results are much faster than any conventional workout, so i-motion adapts perfectly to the body and provides total freedom of movement in group and multi-group workouts.

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