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Do you know what electrostimulation is? For i-motion, “it consists of the emission of electrical impulses to the muscles just as our own organism does through the different cells of our body”. You can gain flexibility, strength and muscle mass, that will strengthen your body structure.

Electrical muscle stimulation works different in each person. Each of us will react differently to their electrical impulses, as well as your body. In addition, the strength that the person has is not one of the factors that influence that reaction, because having more strength does not mean withstand the contraction better.

The first thing you have to do before you begin training with electrostimulation is to identify the motor point. Perhaps you wonder what it is. It is the most sensitive area, or which reacts more sensitive to an electrical contraction. In other words, with less intensity, you will have a stronger reaction. If you find these more sensitive areas, your EMS training will be more effective, and you will get better results.


Use the i-motion’s Smart EMS Software in your training

It’s a smart software that automatically modifies your EMS training within the corresponding protocol programs. How do you get it? It adjusts the intensity of the stimulus that is projected in the muscle area you are working. In this way, your personal trainer does not have to keep changing intensities while you train because this software does it by itself. It is the only EMS software that fulfils this function. If you use this software, you will get many advantages both as a trainer as a user:

As a user:

  • More satisfaction: as you get attention and a more personalized training, you are happier with the program and with the trainer. In this way, you will want to continue with that kind of training because you will also notice that your sporting goals are being met.
  • More control and security: as the coach does not have to be adjusting or changing the different intensities (the software does it automatically), human errors that can be harmful to your health will be avoided.

As a trainer:

  • More independence and care: you focus more on how to train the customer and if she/he does the exercises correctly, instead of thinking of regulating the intensities. I.e., you pay more attention to the EMS training of your user.
  • More time: as you have more autonomy for the user, you will also have more time to focus on it. Not having to be aware of other functions implies that you can perform your role as a trainer better.


Can electrical stimulation improve your triathlon training?

Sports electrostimulation with i-motion is characterized by its precision and efficiency. If what you want is to get better results in your sports activity, this form of training, which has its origin in the physiotherapy, will help you to achieve them.

If you practice triathlon, you can train with i-motion. Each training depends on different aspects. Elite athletes such as Mario Mola, two-time triathlon world champion trains with electrostimulation. Mola describes this form of training as invisible because he finds it comfortable, easy, helping him improve, getting visible results and offering him a guarantee of quality.


What benefits do you have when you train with i-motion?

Electrostimulation is booming from a few years ago. Its use in EMS training has many benefits, such as the following:

  • Help with losing weight: when combined with the necessary exercises, it helps to lose weight. But you don’t have to use only electrostimulation. To achieve your objective, you should follow a balanced diet eating healthy.
  • Improves the circulation and the health of your back: not only improves the blood circulation, also the lymphatic. On the one hand, it improves blood circulation because it boosts the pumping of blood into your limbs. On the other hand, it improves the health of your back because it manages to reduce those headaches that people may suffer.
  • Reduces stress: If you practice sport, your stress level will be reduced greatly. You only have to spend a few minutes a week and see how you will feel more relaxed.
  • Strengthens the abdomen and pelvic floor and reaffirms the buttocks: it removes the sagging and increases mass and muscle strength of the abdomen and pelvic floor. It also reaffirms the buttocks, raising them and eliminating their sagging.
  • Increases lung capacity and energy: it oxygenates the muscles, which make them perform better. In terms of energy, training with electrostimulation improves your quality of life, as well as your state of mind.


Have you tried electrostimulation already? Would you like to do it? If you are looking for results and a different way to exercise, try i-motion. You’ll see how your mind and your fitness improves.

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