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How to become a competent, skilled and qualified personal trainer

Perhaps, this is the objective of those who work for the sport sector. Personal coaches and physical trainers that make the process easier to elite athletes before facing competitions, and finally obtain titanic results on the body. If some common soul dwells in human beings, it is the one that leads us to be better, to grow, to achieve what we have been calling success. Motivation. And you, as a training and preparation professional, you can become a reference if you walk alongside of the latest technological advances in sports.

We are already prepared to talk to you about a revolutionary technique that has been baptized under the name of electro-stimulation. We will do it from the perspective of i-motion, the most advanced equipment in the market.

Are you coming with us?

i-motion, an equipment with the EMS technical certificate

Do you know what this means? This certificate is the proof that verify the quality and performance of the professional muscle stimulator at, so it ensures its validity to those who have it. It is much more than a document.

This certificate allows accessing new opportunities thanks to the EMS certification, which evidence that you are a differentiated professional with skills, competencies, tools and a good methodology acquired throughout the training.

In i-motion, we are convinced that to achieve an effective training you need something else. You need to work the knowing and doing, the practical and technical aspects. For this reason, our methodology power both the knowledge and the skills needed by a professional. What are your needs? Did you know that you can get all the necessary parameters through our rigorous certification system?

Thanks to this certificate, you will be able to become a capable personal trainer while working with the latest technological advances.

Invest in i-motion: Why?

Out there, there are thousands and thousands of sports centers, gyms and training and preparation professionals. Therefore, what are you doing to differentiate yourself? I-motion has the answer. We help professionals and businesses of any size to grow adapting to the times, incorporating a new form of training that is increasingly in demand around the world.

In Latin America it is increasingly common to use electro-stimulation techniques, and to check it just have to take a look at some of the news that have been published in the last year:

  • Personal trainer, Iván Perujo, revolutionizes the world of electro fitness (Marca)
  • i-motion moves electrostimulation to the heart of Mexico (Comunicae)
  • Recover mobility: new Chilean technology of rehabilitation for paralysis (El mostrador)

Investing in electrostimulation is a decision with a view to the future, a safe bet in the world of sport. I-motion guarantees:

  • Make the most of the equipment and your business.
  • Training with a comfortable feeling.
  • Total adaptability.
  • Stimulation of the muscles in an optimal way.
  • Last-generation training with remote assistance.
  • Automatic settings of programs.

Why is i-motion the most comfortable suit on the market?

Firstly, the characteristics of the bio-jacket have become a suit that guarantees perfect mobility covering most of the body, so that it allows the access of waves to more than half of our 650 muscles.

On the other hand, the electrodes have been manufactured in rubber-carbon, so they are very light and developed exclusively for the electrostimulation. You can apply them in any area of the body.

Do you dream of a healthy body? A stronger bone system? A higher performance?


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