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Improve athletic performance with electrostimulation

Is one of your biggest challenges with customers? What are you doing to meet your needs? Now, you can forget about all those efforts that many times you did in vain to start getting immediate results on your body. Those that you can see and feel in a few days. They need it and you can promote it. How? The answer lies in the capabilities of a good electrostimulation equipment.

With i-motion, it is possible. We will tell you why.

Muscle mass and strength / volume and tone: they are not the same

The first thing you know is the difference between muscle tone and volume, because they are not the same. It is one of the most common confusions in the sport sector, but it is important to know their differences when it comes to train to gain more muscle mass or strength. Tone refers to the firmness of the muscle, while the volume is the amount of muscle mass in the body.

Work muscle strength with i-motion programs

Not all devices are equal, but… not all are different. Electrostimulation is an ancient technique that has been increasing its level of importance in recent decades, and we don’t just talk about aesthetic aspects, as the facial drainage, but also for sport and health issues.

Many personal and physical trainers from Madrid and other cities are betting on this technique to help athletes get quicker results. To do this, they include electro-stimulation equipment into their programs focusing on strength, as the one of i-motion EMS:

  • Strength 1. With a frequency of 80 Hz and 350 microsecond pulse width, it stimulates the fast fibers type IIa and achieves great improvements in strength, explosive capacity and speed
  • Strength 2. With a frequency of 85 Hz and 350 microsecond pulse width, it stimulates the fast fibers type IIa and achieves great improvements in strength and speed. It is more intense than the previous program.

The tens and the increase of the mass are two parts united thanks to the electrostimulation. To increase the strength, tone, or volume, you need an electric muscle stimulator from and prior knowledge of its operation depending on the characteristics of each user.

In addition, you can level up the intensity gradually. It is better to do it in this way than a program that comes with the default times. Don’t you think that it is better to dedicate 3 minutes with maximum intensities than 30 with lower intensities?

Why is i-motion one of the equipment with the highest quality on the market?

Find a muscle stimulator on the market is easy, the complicated thing is to find one that suits the needs of coaches, trainers and athletes 100%.

I-motion is making it possible thanks to its wide range of programs and innovation from a equipment that focuses on Smart EMS Software. But their quality not only lies in its perfect adaptation and comfort, but also in their achievements, certifications and technical elements:

  • Remote assistance. You can access the desktop of your computers and servers to control them anywhere. Easy and secure, with an antivirus solution that will keep your IT clean and tidy.
  • Technical service. Forget about be making calls or scrolling to solve any problem or answer a question about your equipment. No more long waits to receive a response.
  • EMS technical certificate. New opportunities for an industry that is constantly innovating. Thanks to this certificate, i-motion injects a dose of differentiated professionalism to those investing on their equipment: skills, abilities, tools and methodologies that are acquired in the formation process.
  • High quality. Its advanced wireless technology with class 1 Bluetooth has been internationally proof, with a range of up to 100 meters and a safe security system to never lose the control of the user. Safety and efficacy.
  • Private area. A place where you can find everything you need to maximize your i-motion’s equipment, promoting your business and download all the material, learning tutorials and notifying any incident to help you.

I-motion wants you to stop worrying. Do you have any problem? We are here to help you.


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