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Rackets sports are now a sport of the people and one of the most popular participant sports. The best known is tennis, but there are others that are also very beneficial such as padel, badminton, table tennis (also known as ping-pong) or squash. Do you want to get in shape at the same time as having fun? These sports are ideal for that.

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Do you play a racket sport? Try muscle electrostimulation and you'll see how your performance improvesIf you think that by practicing them you only exercise your upper body, you are wrong, since you not only strengthen that part, but also legs and buttocks. In addition, you will develop your coordination, especially that of hands-eyes.

Did you know that according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, practicing racket sports reduces the risk of mortality? Other sports that also reduce this risk are swimming and aerobic sports. Muscle electrostimulation can help you avoid injury and improve your performance, as well as relieve back pain.

Advantages of EMS Wireless Bluetooth

Yes, you can train with muscle electrostimulation without having to be hooked to a cable. In fact, i-motion features an EMS Wireless Bluetooth system. Not all companies develop this innovative wireless bet, most of them work with an equipment based on a wired connection. What are the differences between a wired EMS workout and an EMS training with Wireless Bluetooth?

  • Outdoor workouts: It is its most important advantage because you do not need plugs. Therefore, you do not need to train in a closed place. You can train outdoors without any problem.
  • Training with more than one client: It enables group and multigroup training. In addition, i-motion is a pioneer in this type of workouts thanks to its Smart EMS Software and its continuous development. What is guaranteed with this type of EMS workout is that each client, individually, gets an optimal result of the training session, because the session is in group, but each workout is individual.
  • Time and comfort savings: The coach benefits from it, not only the client, because it saves time and enable the trainer to prepare better workouts. Above all, this is an advantage for multigroup trainings. The software system automatically resets the intensities of each client at once. This means that the trainer saves time and effort, making the preparation and the instruction of the workout more comfortable.
  • Combine training with machines: Because you are not connected to cables, the customer can move through the machines to perform different exercises. They get it thanks to i-motion Wireless.

Padel and muscle electrostimulation: a perfect combination

Padel is one of the most practiced sports disciplines. It has been booming for a few years and over time more and more people are practicing it. Its origin is in Mexico, it is played as a couple and the court is much smaller than a tennis one. What sets it apart from the latter sport is that it is not played with a string racket, but with a shovel.

If you play padel and have back pain you should know that electrostimulation is one of the best methods to prevent it. With EMS workouts you increase your strength and the endurance of your body, and also the strength of the back area. With electrostimulators your workouts will improve. For example, i-motion has a sublime equipment and software that will provide you with comfortable sensations in your training session. You’ll find it easier and more enjoyable, offering a pioneering sequential impulse system around the world.

If you combine electrostimulation with padel, your results and fitness will improve exponentially. Do not hesitate and start training with muscle electrostimulation, because once you try it you will not want to stop training with it, you will discover all the benefits you can get from it.

Do you practice a racket sport? Try electrostimulation with i-motion and you’ll see all the benefits you can get. If you’re undecided or don’t want to risk buying the equipment without trying it in advance, we recommend you to request a demo and try it.

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