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Electrostimulation equipment: What should you do if you have a problem?

Electrostimulation equipment is one of the most advanced tools of the moment in the world of fitness, especially because training with EMS improves the athletic performance and their well-being. However, despite the great advantages that athletes can get with it, it is not recommended to replace physical exercise, but to combine them.

To this end, coaches and physical trainers are increasingly integrating electro-stimulation in their working tools. Although this is already a technique used for thousands of years, the truth is that there is still much ignorance about it, especially in those sports professional that are starting to use it.

Therefore, among the most important things that you should keep in mind when choosing an electro-stimulation equipment is the guarantee of good service. If not, what will you do when you have a problem?

Things every EMS technical service should have

We understand technical service as the set of tasks or actions performed by one or more specialists to prevent or solve problems that may arise in the equipment. The best thing before making a purchase is to verify that the technical service is reliable and that it will be available at any time we need it.

This is a goal that can be easily achieved with remote assistance already offered by some equipment, which improves efficiency and reduces costs. Considering the computerized world in which we live, doubts or technical problems can arise at any time, and what better way to solve them than by consulting a team of specialists. Here are some things the technical service of your electrostimulation equipment should have:

  • Professionalism.
  • Availability.
  • Communication.
  • Response time and how quickly they solve the problem.
  • The type of issues they resolve.
  • How they fix it.
  • Maintenance, monitoring and configuration.
  • More security and confidence in the equipment.
  • Ensure the operation of the system: fast, accurate and timely.

When buying an electrostimulation equipment, you should not only consider the brand, functionality, quality and price, but also the quality of its technical service.

Do you have an electrostimulation equipment? i-motion and the guarantee of its technical service

Sometimes the problem is not the problem itself, but the answer is not the right one. The most advanced EMS device at of all time has been achieved thanks to the development of a Smart EMS Software that makes possible the active recovery and an automatic change of programs within a protocol, once the intensity levels have been set at the beginning of the session.

What would happen if one of your equipment failed in the middle of an EMS training and you have no one to solve it? To what extent would it affect the athlete’s performance? And what about the image of the coach?

At i-motion we don’t want this to happen to you, so we have specialists that will be available to all our customers in order to prevent and solve any problems that may arise in your equipment. Our technical service is highly computerized, allowing you to offer remote assistance, extending the life of the EMS equipment and increasing the profitability of your business.

The quality and technical support are two competitive advantages with which i-motion aims to support its customers, ensure the proper functioning of their EMS equipment, regardless of the place in the world in which you find yourself. Forget about crossing the ocean in search of solutions. With i-motion, everything is easier.

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