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Electrostimulation for sports in Spain

Electrical stimulation is not new. We are facing an ancient phenomenon, although for many it still sounds like something recent. As humans, we love the idea of bringing the techniques of the past to the present, but much more renewed, much more sophisticated, much more technological. We are even more passionate about finding out what our ancestors did.

It is no coincidence that increasingly more gyms, personal trainers and fitness coaches are using the electro-stimulation equipment in their services. And it is no coincidence because they have realized the innumerable advantages that bring for growing the rapidity with which their customers can achieve better results.

When people go to a fitness specialist, we do so seeking immediate fruits. Of course, there are no magic recipes, but a combination of exercise, electrical stimulation, motivation, patience and a good tip from our coach are perfect to get results faster.

But… When did electro-stimulation first started? How did society receive it? What purposes did it have? Why have professionals seen in it an opportunity for sports?

Do you know what is electro-stimulation?

Electrical stimulation is a technique that applies impulses to a muscle. The primary objective is to perform a controlled contraction.

It began to be developed in the 20th century, but its applications did not reach today’s level. The large sides in the world wars used it to torture the enemy, but the finding of the representation of an electric fish in a tomb of 2750 B.C. was the perfect proof that the Egyptians already knew the benefits of the current tool. Fishes that generated lightning marked the beginning of a revolutionary phenomenon for sport and health.

Moreover, in i-motion EMS we are aware that “the first protocol on electrotherapy which has come down to us dates back in 46 B.C.”, and, since then, electrostimulation has been advancing in society. The biggest boost came from the 19th century with the medicine and physiotherapy research.

This is how electrostimulation landed in Spanish’s sports

It has presented itself as a companion for sports, and in Spain we are witnessing this.

This technique began to take shape more than four millennials ago, although today’s methods are much more updated and have little or nothing to do with electrical stimulation of those years. The risk has been controlled and the society of the 20th century wanted to give a step forward by incorporating these currents in the sporting world. We owe that to Professor Kotz, who realized that it was possible to promote muscular atrophy and increase performance, so why not test it?

The results were very good. The world continued to investigate ways to improve the electro-stimulation, so, during the last decades, science has included significant improvements in the neuromuscular field and the comfort and technology of the equipment.

A quick overview of electro-stimulation in the past 6 years

Technological advancements have pushed us all over the years. Nowadays, we do not talk about electric shocks with fishes, we rather talk about an intelligent software that have brought a new concept of physical training.

We have done a review for the mare magnum of news that have been published during the last six years about electrical stimulation in sports, and we want to show you some of them that reflect the steady growth of a technique that is increasingly fashionable:

  • 2019 –  Electro-stimulation: the new concept in physical training (elpingü
  • 2018 –   This is how an electro-stimulation vest works (AS)
  • 2017 – Does electrostimulation really work? These are your benefits and drawbacks (TICbeat)
  • 2016 –   High intensity training with electro-stimulation burns up to 30% more calories (20 minutos)
  • 2015 –   Get in shape with electricity?  (El País)
  • 2014 –   Electrofitness: A fashionable business suitable for all audiences (El Mundo)

Although we have focused in recent years to reflect the growth of electrostimulation, we will stop soon on this technique from beginning to end, from the 20th century to the present day.

A summary of electrostimulation for sports

in Spain we have great elite athletes who have found in electrostimulation a perfect companion to solve any muscle weakness or increase their performance.

The electrostimulators are technological devices perfectly designed with the gaze placed on the muscles of the human body. We have witnessed this progress, and we have not only seen it in the outcomes it has given, but also in the reflection that the media have made over the last few decades. What began as a shock to a fish became a technological and revolutionary phenomenon for sport.

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