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i-motion: the latest in wireless electrostimulation

i-motion: the latest in wireless electrostimulation

With i-motion, the revolution of electrostimulation training has arrived: the electrostimulation equipment without wires.

It is the latest technology applied in the development of the electrostimulation mechanism, from the creation of the current impulse to its transmission to the body.

It is not the kind of electrostimulation we have seen so far. The novelty is that the suit you have to put on during the training session with electrostimulation is wireless.

Electrostimulation equipment, greater comfort

Thanks to the technology used by i-motion, wireless suits allow you to move freely and comfortably while doing exercise within the range of up to 100 meters. In addition, you can perform a wider variety of exercises.

Before, EMS suits considerably limited the exercise, since the movement itself was attached to the space around the controlling device from which the electric current was emitted. The user couldn’t move freely and was put down to a training routine of a very little variety in movements.

Now, the revolutionary thing is that the suits operate with the Bluetooth technology, that is, they have a Bluetooth device attached that allows the user to move from the console, as we said, up to 100 meters away.

This new technology allows a more dynamic training. The user can wear the electrostimulation equipment while performing their favourite activity, such as dancing or spinning. In addition, the variety of training exercises is increased.

Another important characteristic of the suit is that it is antibacterial and breathable, which guarantees that there will be no infection problems. An important advantage of the console is that it is tactile and user-friendly. Both features are state-of-the-art technology.

We can see that i-motion with its wireless technology represents a leading edge, future-proof solution.

In addition, you can enjoy greater comfort during your workouts because your movements will no longer be limited by cables around your body. And you can do a more intense training.

Group and outdoor training

You can perform not only individual, but also group training, and do it anywhere. The number of users who can carry out a simultaneous activity is up to 10. Individually or in groups, you can train indoors (in the gym) or outdoors, such as in the field, beach, athletics track, park, etc.

Before wireless technology became available, the training was a bit difficult, and the movements were limited. Each console was intended for one person and had to be located in a specific space for such training, usually in a room arranged for this particular purpose.

i-motion EMS equipment can be adapted to any user.

And not only that, but this technology also allows you to customize training programs for each client, according to their physical form, expectations and the progress they have made during previous sessions.

And not only when the activity is done individually, but also when a group training session is performed. When you train in a group, you usually have to keep up with the pace of others, which can be too intense for an untrained person or too slow for an experienced athlete.

Now, different and customized programs can be created based on those already set in the electrostimulation device, making it possible to adapt the training to each client. You can adjust the intensity of the impulses or even cut them off when needed.

If you join the class late, you can start the activity without any problem; and even if you have to leave before the end of the class, you can stop your training at any time.

Thanks to i-motion, you will be able to include in your daily routine this way of training that is being met with great enthusiasm everywhere. Join to enjoy the new sensations with electrostimulation and boast a “ten” body in record time.

Session duration.

The duration of a group training session can be reduced considerably: the sessions are 20 minutes long. The necessary training is performed in less time, because it is more energetic and, therefore, more effective and allows achieving better results than with conventional training, although you spend more time on it.

Complement your favourite activity.

For example, if you like dancing, like zumba or ballroom dancing, with the electrostimulation equipment that i-motion offers, you can work more parts of the body than without it. In the case of the examples, you can train the upper part of the body. That is, you will do a more complete training that covers the whole body.

Very efficient for the elderly

The equipment produces spectacular results in older people, providing them with many benefits, such as increasing muscle strength and mass and as a consequence, giving them the possibility to gain independence and to reduce the risk of injuries. Those benefits will be obtained with safe training, as it is an exercise that is performed without weight loads. Such incredible results! And it’s very beneficial for health, because health is related to strength.

Ideal tool for professional athletes

In a study published on the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine official website, a team of professional footballers underwent a test in which some of them performed training with electrostimulation equipment and others did it without this system. Those who trained with electrostimulation significantly improved their ability to do sprints, change direction, do vertical jumps, as well as increased their impact when kicking the ball. That is, they boosted their strength-speed and power showing considerably.

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