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Characteristics and benefits of the electrostimulation jacket

Surely, you have already heard of myths and half-truths about Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Among the most common, it ‘allows you to lose weight without making any effort’, ‘it’s the way to get fit for lazy people, etc. And while a part of the society would like this to be the reality, they are claims that are far from it.

On the contrary, other true beliefs confirm the efficient functionalities of this technique. For example: it is effective against cellulite, it allows to work several muscles at once… Now that we have made a small advance, we are going to raise a widespread myth among society over the last few years and that is directly related to sport: Can I get fast results with EMS? To answer and justify this question, let’s rely on the electrostimulation of i-motion, the most advanced equipment of the moment.

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Get fast sport results in any discipline

It’s possible! Muscle electrostimulation has become one of the most fashionable techniques in recent years because of the amount of advantages it offers for coaches and athletes of any category.

  • They can do group and multigroup trainings that, until relatively recently, were a condition. We no longer need to divide training sessions into different groups, i-motion allows you to train in a group and multigroup way without reducing attention to users, all thanks to its innovative technology. Gain time and quality in your training sessions.
  • It allows to increase the performance of athletes in less time. One of the main features of the sports world is in its constant renewal, both in devices and training technologies, as well as in physical skills. The i-motion EMS has brought the possibility of increasing performance with more effective methods. An example of this phenomenon is the study that analyzed a training program with EMS in tennis players and its influence on the anaerobic capacity present in such discipline.

“The program’s duration was 3 weeks in pre-season, with a stimulus duration of 6 minutes at a frequency of 85 Hz.” The main conclusion we draw from this experiment is that the application of progressive EMS in a tennis pre-season can lead to an increase in the anaerobic capacity of athletes.

  • It reduces the risk of injury. No one is safe from suffering a twist, fall or other damage at any time, but there is one thing we can do: work the muscles properly to reduce the risk of injury, and for this, EMS has become a perfect ally to focus on the muscles that really need it and with the right intensity. For example, if you need to train a group of boxers, with i-motion you can adapt the intensities to the corresponding muscles, without having to be on top of the athletes at all times. You only have to configure the intensity levels of the impulses at the beginning of the session, each program will change automatically within a training protocol.
  • It allows you to work more muscles and focus specifically on those that need to work the most for a particular sport.
  • Improves elasticity thanks to the increase of the arc joint each X contractions, if necessary. The electrodes will be placed with the object muscle in position without producing pain. In short, the muscles and tendons are strengthened, and the elasticity and joint amplitude are also improved.
  • Active EMS recovery after making a great effort. It is one of the main innovations that i-motion brought us over the last year. With this system, muscle fatigue is reduced. This system can get better results in just 20 minutes, and while the muscles recover, a specific boost makes the metabolism work, so we can make the most of the training sessions.

All these advantages can be easily obtained in any discipline with the support of the i-motion team. Are you ready?

For visible results in swimming

Long time ago, swimming became one of those special underwater sports where there is a maximum competition. Although the old axioms claim that the fastest and most explosive athletes are the youngest, and that they lose speed as they become older, we can all work our skills and improve them.

Regarding swimming, muscle electrostimulation helps strengthen the muscles of the wide dorsal, pectoral, deltoid, triceps, biceps and trapezium, among others. The training of this sports discipline with i-motion allows us to work our muscles before a competition, regardless of whether it is 50, 100 or more meters that will be swim. Are you ready to get visible results in a few days and improve the timing of athletes?

Strength, resistance and many other skills.

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