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Physical development with EMS: history and evolution
Sports centers have evolved with customer needs and technological advances. Nowadays, a gym that only offers leg press machines and stationary bicycles is an outdated center. On the contrary, more and more people are looking for sports centers with electrostimulation equipment, so this has become an increasingly demanded technology. This is why increasingly more gyms are investing in electrostimulation equipment.

However, it doesn’t work with any equipment, and in this article, we’re going to explain why. Join us!

Why renovate your gym with electrostimulation?

Although for many it is a relatively new technique, the truth is that its first uses go back thousands of years. Electrostimulation has evolved thanks to professionals and scientists who have worked on their research to improve it and apply it for sports, aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. However, these are the main reasons why investors have put EMS in the spotlight:

  1. It is a unique and profitable business opportunity. Get visible results in anyone in optimal conditions. In addition, it manages to get them in shape faster than any conventional exercise. That’s why many coaches and trainers put it into practice with their elite athletes.
  2. It is a very interesting sector to create a specialized center or renovate your gym, as it allows to obtain benefits and attract new customers to offer them the results they are looking for. An example of this could be the i-motion Club, specialized centers that we will talk about later.
  3. Elite athletes can reduce their risk of injury, increase performance and speed. In addition, it can be used both in individual sports (athletics races, javelin, swimming…) and in collective sports (water polo, football, field hockey…).
  4. i-motion is the most advanced electrostimulation equipment so far and it has distinctive features versus competition. Thanks to its remote assistance, the desktop of computers and servers can be accessed remotely to control them from anywhere with a 3G internet connection or even a better one.
  5. It allows to monetize the investment in a short time, since the sessions have a higher price than what could cost a gym membership. It is ideal to come once a week, and the increase in income will be reflected quickly. It’s important to promote yourself well when this new technique is incorporated into your center so that users can be well informed.
  6. Improve customer trust. Do your customers get demotivated when they don’t see benefits in sport soon? One of the great advantages of renovating your gym with electrostimulation is that, if your users are constant and follow the coach’s recommendations, they will soon notice the first effects, so their confidence will increase and encourage them to continue in the sessions and recommend it to other people.
  7. Expand the training area in the gym, as the EMS will also allow outdoor training if you acquire the right technology without cables for these sessions.

Investors are seeing a golden opportunity for them to invest in muscle electrostimulation. Are you ready to check if you should invest in it too?

An example of investment in EMS

i-motion Club is the great example of centers specialized with professional muscle stimulators from i-motion. It is a computer that has an intuitive and easy to use software, remote assistance anywhere in the world through Teamviewer Software (in continuous development), and its operating system is Windows 10. Thanks to the i-motion Club proposal, many gyms are achieving a unique business opportunity to optimize their resources and achieve their goals.

They are not franchises, but true ambassadors who provide access to an innovative business using the latest technology and who are leading the fitness revolution. Its initial cost is low, it has strong incomes and it requires technical training to get the most out of it. At i-motion, we enhance the knowledge and practical skills that a professional must have. It is a complex product, and that is why it requires specific training and prior knowledge to be able to use it effectively. Both the use of the equipment and the different exercises, technical specifications and processes must be well defined.

Many investors are already joining the i-motion club initiative for several reasons: they are high quality and 100% safe equipment, as they have a medical certificate; you can enjoy agile after-sales and technical support; receive training so they can get the most out of the equipment and improve the service they provide to their customers; and can benefit from a booming business model.

Do you want to renovate your gym and learn more about i-motion club? Contact us!

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