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10 things you haven’t been told about electrostimulation

1. It comes from physiotherapy

Electrostimulation is a technique that has been used in physiotherapy for decades. The electrodes were placed locally on the muscles using a band, so that they contract involuntarily.

Now, this type of technique is used for aesthetic purposes. A special suit or jacket with electrodes distributed on its surface has been created. With this suit, you can perform sports training while doing involuntary exercise through electrostimulation.

2. It works like the human brain

Normally, when you want to make a movement with your body, for example, to raise an arm, what happens is that the brain sends a signal to the muscle, in this case, the muscles of the arm. That is, the movement originates in the brain. It sends an electric impulse that reaches the nerve. Thanks to the nerve, located in a strategic place, the muscle is activated. This is the movement you want.

In electrostimulation, the machine that produces electrical impulses performs the brain’s function. It sends the signal to the electrode placed on the muscle and stimulates it, making it contract.

3. It is currently used in physiotherapy and sports training

In physiotherapy, electrostimulation is used in case the patient cannot move their body by themselves. What happens is that the activity of the muscle is reduced or is impossible. Then, to avoid muscle atrophy, electrostimulation is used, applied locally.

In sports, electrostimulation combined with a series of voluntary exercises helps you achieve your goals. It is possible, because the technique of combining both exercises, voluntary and involuntary, increases the benefits for your physical form.

But also, this technique can make the muscle relax. There is a specific program for it installed on the device. Such relaxation accelerates muscle recovery.

4. It reaches more muscle fibres than during conventional training

Electrostimulation is applied on almost the whole body. This is done through a special jacket or neoprene suit. This suit connects you through cables to a device that emits an electrical current. This involuntary exercise is complemented by the voluntary exercise that you would do according to the instructions of a personal trainer.

This type of stimulation makes more muscle fibres contract than those that contract when we perform conventional fitness training. Therefore, you can get tired sooner, and so the sessions are short, only 20 minutes.

5. It is performed in a jacket with electrodes

The electrostimulation jacket has electrodes located in key places to produce muscle contraction. Under this jacket, the athlete has to wear tights and a cotton t-shirt. These pieces of clothes have to stay wet in order to transmit the current. Cotton is the best fabric for this. The jacket is adjusted with some tension ties to the body, so that it stays tight-fitting during the exercise.

The electrodes are distributed on the surface of the suit, so that they are in the places where they correctly stimulate the muscle.

The jacket is attached by wires to a machine, which in turn can limit the movement. But there are wireless jackets already being manufactured, that is, without cables, controlled through the Bluetooth technology.

From this console, the intensity of the impulses is regulated that will be transmitted by the electrodes to the muscles with established frequency. Usually, there are intervals of a few seconds, enough for the muscle to recover after a contraction.

The electrodes can be adjusted independently of each other from the console.

6. It has multiple benefits

It improves strength, speed and power.

For trained sportsmen, the frequent use of electrostimulation improves strength, speed and power.

No joint injuries.

The work done with electrostimulation is an injury-free type of exercise, since it is not done with any type of load on the joints.

It increases the metabolism and produces fat loss.

One of the advantages of working with electrostimulation and its main difference from conventional training is the afterburn effect. It means that after training, the body continues to burn fat thanks to an increase of the basal metabolism. It goes on for three days.

7. Do you know for whom it is designed?

It is aimed at all kinds of audience in general, but above all, who would appreciate it most are those who don’t have enough time to exercise and those who want to go further in their usual training.

Electrostimulation has very good results for healthy and trained people. But such training must be supervised by a personal trainer who would establish a personalized training program for each athlete.

8. It helps lose weight

Electrostimulation helps you lose weight whenever you accompany it with exercise. This helps your body accelerate the fat burning process.

The muscles will be more toned, harder and, therefore, your caloric output will be increased. When the muscle is stronger, you can do your normal exercise with electrostimulation with greater intensity, thus also increasing the caloric output

9. It helps fight flaccidity

You complexion deteriorates for many reasons, for example, excessive exposure to the sun. This deterioration comes, above all, from the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin.

But with electrostimulation, you can recover the smooth appearance of our thighs, gluteus, abdomen and arms. With this technique, blood circulation is activated, reaching the subcutaneous tissues more easily and in greater quantity, preventing the aging of the skin and improving its look.

10. The benefits of electrostimulation add up to each other

That is, these are not isolated benefits, but all together, they contribute to your general well-being. Conducting training with electrostimulation is so surprising and widely accepted due to the incredible, global results obtained

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