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Software Pro Version

Nueva Versión Pro

i-Motion introduces the new Version Pro of its Software with a great novelty in the form of technical configuration of the training.

With this new version, the i-Motion Software has three different configurations. From now on, the device owner can choose how they will use their device.

As we say, we can now use our MCI in 3 different ways according to our needs and personal or professional goals. So, we have the following configurations:

  • FREE: This configuration mode is the current one. You could say that the initial version is maintained in this case for all those people who do not wish to complicate themselves. It is very easy to operate.
  • AUTHENTICATION: Much more advanced mode, which contains the option that the administrator is the only one able to reset it. The best quality of this configuration mode is that it consists of a database that allows to gather data of the trainings, the coaches, the bonds, etc. And all user information is saved. In addition, in case of loss or theft of the device, this data will continue to be retained thanks to the replica. It is a semi online manual, which is synchronized when the administrator wants and can work online. You can control the total time of the session and have control of other significant changes. To do this, the MCI must be connected. We must also load at least one client on the list to make it work. Everything done will be recorded, who trained, for how long, the parameters, etc.

It is important to note that the trainer will be able to decide when the calibration wants to record, and in the next session, the training will start from these parameters.

  • BONUS: In this mode, the administrator decides how long the training sessions will be. The manager, but not the coach, who can not add or subtract minutes to training. In this mode it can not be reset as it does in the previous one, although, of course, all user data is also safely stored in this mode.
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