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Does muscle electrostimulation work?

Surely, the electrofitness method is, by its operation and tools, one of the great revolutions in the sports and fitness sector. Employing a system of electrodes that can improve your body and your well-being might sound like a tall tale, another scam from the telemarketing. But does muscle electrostimulation really work?
The answer to this question is “yes”. There are numerous studies and medical professionals who have confirmed the efficacy and the benefits of electrofitness for health. Its operation, based on almost imperceptible electric currents that emulate the impulses emitted by the brain, is the foundation of the EMS work that guarantees a complete and integral development of your muscle mass according to the goals you set and in a very short period of time.

Always use certified devices, such as i-motion.
So, the answer to the question whether muscle electrostimulation works is “it does”; however, you will only achieve the expected results with EMS if you use advanced and certified equipment, such as i-motion.
There are many models of electrofitness devices for sale that don’t have electrodes capable of emitting electric currents suitable for working with muscle mass. Some are totally useless and can even cause damage or injury, so we recommend that you only turn to EMS equipment that complies with current regulations.
With i-motion, you will have a total security and guarantee you need to conduct training with muscle electrostimulation, provided that you take appropriate advice from a specialized personal trainer and set the device according to the characteristics and particularities of each individual. If you want to have effective, safe and the most high-tech equipment on the EMS market, here is i-motion at your service, the only device that ensures full comfort in your exercises and the results you expect from your own body.

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