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The electrostimulation “jacket”: what is it?

Surely, if you’ve heard about muscle electrostimulation lately, you’ve heard that about the electrostimulation jacket. Although it’s not exactly the correct name, the word “jacket” is commonly used to speak about the latest generation of electrostimulation equipment. When referring to this piece of clothes in the context of EMS, we are talking about a series of characteristics. It’s a combination of the emission of specific electric waves and physical exercises controlled by a trainer. This way, thanks to the employing of an electrostimulation “jacket”, great results in physical health and muscle recovery are achieved.


There are many beauty and sports professionals who have decided to buy “electrostimulation jackets“. This is because they seek to meet the objective of satisfying the demands of their clients. In the case of i-motion, we have signed an exclusive agreement with i-Padel, which may interest you if you reside in Galicia. However, you should consult your beauty or sports centre, because there are many who have signed up for this functional fashion trend.

It is not a coincidence that more and more people are choosing the electrostimulation jacket. Its innovative technology, also called “fitness jacket”, refers to electrofitness or active integral electrostimulation. It is supported by sports professionals, because considerable results are achieved in improving the physical form and health with sessions that only last 20 minutes. This makes the laziest people, or those with little time, also an audience to consider.

Quick results with the electrostimulation jacket

The fame of electrofitness is based on the fact that the results are achieved in a relatively short period of time. Apart from that, its operation constitutes a healthy therapy. Whether you want a general or local thinning, to strengthen your muscles or to increase their mass, this therapy is your solution. The electrostimulation jacket is also used in functional recovery, strength, speed and resistance increase. You see how many benefits in a single product? You can perform electrostimulation training with the “electrofitness jacket” at gyms, aesthetic medicine clinics, personal training studios and even at home. It is no longer necessary to buy equipment for household use of doubtful quality. The price of electrofitness sessions is available to everyone.

One of the greatest advantages of electrofitness is the fact that it’s absolutely harmless for the joints and the bone system during workouts. Although these are highly intense and exhausting, electrofitness is only applied on the motor muscles. There are several models of electrostimulation jackets. The idea is to cover different muscle groups and work different tissues. There are very simple models, others are much more complex. For example, in the first case, there is Miha Bodytec, made in Germany. At i-motion, from Spain, we represent the latter case.

With the development of microelectronics and advances in the field of physical exercise, there is no longer an excuse to continue a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to electrostimulation jackets, you can achieve important results in strengthening your body and health. Now, thanks to its low price and user-friendliness, electrofitness is finally within everyone’s reach.

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